Sarah McLachlan Lets Fans Choose the Songs She'll Sing on Tour

Credit: Mathew Imaging/

Sarah McLachlan just got all Bon Jovi on us! The lauded singer-songwriter not only has a new album, Laws of Illusion, out June 15, but she's also hitting the road again to support it at the reborn Lilith Fair 2010. The all-female summer roadshow kicks off on June 27 in Canada and, once again, Sarah will be leading the lineup of performers including Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Sheryl Crow and Selena Gomez.

And get this: Ms. McLachlan ain't just whipping out the new stuff. Oh no, she's gone and set up a poll on her Web site, allowing fans to vote for the songs they want her to perform. Included on the list are three odes from the new album, including the debut single "Loving You Is Easy," "Illusion of Bliss" and "Out Of Tune." There are plenty of longtime favorites up for bidding, too, including "Angel," "Adia" and "Sweet Surrender." But hurry up! The poll closes on Friday, May 14 so time is of the essence. Oh, Adia...

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