See Julia Roberts as The Evil Queen in Snow White

Entertainment Oct. 10, 2011 AT 11:52AM
See Julia Roberts as The Evil Queen in Snow White Credit: Brigitte Lacombe

Is Julia Roberts the fairest of them all?

The 43-year-old Oscar winner plays the Evil Queen in Tarsem Singh's adaptation of the classic fairytale Snow White. The film, which is currently untitled, also stars Abduction's Lily Collins and The Social Network's Armie Hammer.

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"I don't turn into a witch. I became a hag. There's a difference," Roberts explained on Access Hollywood Live Monday. "A little glimpse into the future for Mrs. Moder!"

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Tarsem tells Entertainment Weekly that Roberts' character "outsources her evil, just like most people. I wanted a person who is just schizophrenic. She's a person who would just do all the evil she needs to do to stay in power."

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Roberts added that the their version of Snow White won't stay true to the original. "We don't have the classic dwarves," she explained on Access Hollywood Live. "Our dwarves have different names and personalities than the fairytale."

The untitled Snow White film hits theaters March 16.

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