See What Glenn Close Looks Like as a Man

Entertainment Dec. 20, 2010 AT 3:15PM
See What Glenn Close Looks Like as a Man Credit: Bernard Walsh

Acting's a real drag for Glenn Close!

The award-winning actress, 63, disguises herself as a man in Albert Nobbs. Set in 19th century Ireland, the flick began shooting in Dublin earlier this month. Close plays a woman who must pass as a man in order to find work.

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Jonathan Rhys Myers and Alice in Wonderland's Mia Wasikowska also star.

Close also cross-dressed as Albert Nobbs in a 1980s off-Broadway show.

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"I believe in this story and its potential to take everyone on a sensuous, funny, heart-breaking, wildly unexpected ride," says Close, who's been trying to get Albert Nobbs made for over 15 years.

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