Steve Harvey's New Role: Mentor

Credit: Rob Loud/Getty Images

This is no laughing matter -- comedian and best-selling author Steve Harvey wants to be a father figure for young men in single-parent households.

In June 2009, he gave up spending Father's Day with his children in order to host the Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend for Young Men.

The funnyman, 52, invited 100 African American boys between 13 and 18 years old (as well as their guardians) to his Dallas ranch to provide opportunities they might not otherwise experience. Harvey himself is a father to three boys and four girls with his wife, Marjorie. For him, he believes anything can be achieved with strong faith, hard work and encouragement from others.

In 2010, Harvey hopes to mentor at least 1,000 more young men by expanding the Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend for Young Men to nine other cities.

Previously, Harvey and special guests provided seminars on manhood, roles and requirements of men, college, business and entrepreneurship, and activities like an aviation school, computer lounge, fishing and golf. To make this possible, the comedian is raising $1 million to fuel the next generation of fathers, dreamers and heroes.

To learn more about Harvey's Mentoring Weekend for Young Men, visit his official Web site.