Tamar Kaprelian: "I Should Tour With Taylor Swift!"

Who is this Tamar Kaprelian? Well, maybe YOU haven't heard of her yet, but I keep hearing her swinging single, "New Day," everywhere from The Hills (reruns, of course!) to American Idol.

I decided to dial up with the Armenian singer, whose debut disc, Sinner Or A Saint is out now, to see just who has inspired her pop life. Read all about her below, then ciick here to watch the “Day” video and visit tamarkaprellianmusic.com for even more! 
UsMagazine.com What artists do you admire/would like to work with in the future? 

Tamar Kaprelian: Thanks to my incredible father, I grew up being musically inspired by the great songwriters of the '60s and '70s. So we're talking about Queen, Don Henley, The Beatles and The Eagles. I remember wanting to be Billy Joel and Paul McCartney as a kid. I also have an intense love for Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan. I would love nothing more than to get in a room with Billy and write/record a song with him for my next album. I want to be my generation's Piano Girl.

US: Ryan Tedder co-penned your album's title track. How was it working with him? 

TK: Ryan Tedder is hands down one of the most talented songwriters i have had the pleasure of working with. Songwriting is a gift and Ryan's ability to write the material he writes, at the pace at which he writes it, is mind-blowing and inspiring. I flew up to Denver to meet with the guys from OneRepublic, and I remember sitting across the table from Ryan, and he looking up at me, saying, "You know Tamar, there is a side of your personality that you are not exploring on this album. I think that you can either be a 'Sinner or a Saint'" - and that's how the title track of the record was created. He helped feature an edgier and sexier side to my songwriting that I was yet to tap into, and I thank him for that.

US: Anyone else?
TK: I had the pleasure of going on tour with Far East Movement for about two months this past fall. I traveled all around the world with them -- from Europe to China to a tour in the US with La Roux. That was another fantastic experience. I have never met more humble and generous artists. They took me under their wing and really made sure I was taken care of the entire time I was out on the road with them. A collaboration with them in the future will be a definite.

US: Who would you like to hit the road with in the future?

TK: I think Taylor Swift and I should go on the road together! We both write songs from a place of honesty, and together, we would create the ultimate girl duo.

US: Which celeb's style do  you most try to emulate?
TK: To be honest, the way I like to define my style is, if Bob Dylan and Audrey Hepburn had a love child. I love mixing vintage with more modern pieces and I'm currently very into stripes and the simple colors: black, white, and nudes. I also plan on bringing suspenders back. So look out for that! I also want to give a shout-out to my fellow Armenian sisters, the Kardashians for their amazing style.  I think all three girls have a beautiful sense of fashion and they always look stunning walking the red carpet.

By Ian Drew for UsMagazine.com. To read more of Ian's blog, click here, and don't forget to follow him on Twitter.