The Warriors Cast Recreates Their Last Subway Ride to Coney Island: Watch the Reunion 36 Years After the Cult Classic!

Warriors, come out to play! It’s been 36 years since the movie The Warriors premiered and instantly became a cult classic film about a gang from Brooklyn’s Coney Island falsely accused of shooting and killing a rival gang leader. But Rolling Stone has brought the group back together and into fans’ lives with the perfect reunion video. 

In the clip, the cast of the 1979 film ride the subway to their home turf — Coney Island, N.Y. — recreating the famous scene from the movie. 

“We went up these stairs?!” one of the older stars asks in the clip. Another replies, “It’s harder now than it used to be. My knees ache!”

Yes, the boys are back in town, but they probably won’t be bashing any heads in with their bats. Wearing the group’s famous red leather vests (this time with shirts), the crew, including Michael Beck, David Harris, Dorsey Wright, Terry Michos, and Thomas G. Waites, proudly took the Q train to Coney Island for a fan-organized event.

Some fans even recognized them all these years later. One subway rider squealed with delight, exclaiming, “It’s the Warriors from the movie!” 

Watch the sweet reunion clip now!

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