Tiger Woods Drops F-Bombs on Live TV

Looks like Tiger Woods is giving Mel Gibson a run for his money.

The golfer unleashed a string of audible vulgarities Saturday at the British Open after missing a putt on the 13th hole.

"Why the f--- did you do that?" Woods, 34, is heard saying to himself after the announcer confirms he missed the shot. (Watch a clip above)

"He is running hot," the sportscaster said of Woods, who finished the tournament tied for 23rd place. South African golfer Louie Oosthuizen took the Open title.

"That's just the way it goes. I'm not going to win all of them. I've lost a lot more than I've won," Woods told USAToday.com. "Other than the first day, I did not putt well at all."

Woods has not won a tournament since returning to the sport following his November 2009 SUV accident and subsequent sex scandal.