True Detective Season 2 Spoofed by Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Rogen

Entertainment Mar. 11, 2014 AT 10:20AM

True comedians! Following the huge finale of season one of HBO's True Detective on Sunday, March 9, Jimmy Kimmel and pal Seth Rogen wasted no time getting to work on a spoof of the wildly popular show. On Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, March 10, Kimmel -- hosting his show at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas -- shared an exclusive "sneak peek" at True Detective Season 2.

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"Next season will follow two completely different detectives on a different case," Kimmel explained of original stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson being replaced. "There's been much speculation about which actors will be tapped to play those roles, and I'm excited to announce here at South By [Southwest] the identities of those actors, and also to tell you that it is going to be set here in Austin next season. And, as if that wasn't big enough, we have an exclusive sneak preview at True Detective Season 2."

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In the funny parody, Rogen, 31, and Kimmel, 46, team up as the hilarious new detectives. "Any man who sets his moral compass for true North is going to find himself heading South . . . by Southwest," Rogen says.

Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

"Seth had a way of using 10 dollar words, he liked to hear himself talk," Kimmel explains. "Even though, I'm pretty sure, he had no idea what he was saying."

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"Hey, are you lost?" Rogen asks Kimmel as the two drive around together. "Cuz, if you are lost, you can look. You will find me, time after time." The two then break out into a duet of Cyndi Lauper's 1984 classic hit "Time After Time."

Watch Kimmel and Rogen spoof True Detective in the video above and tell Us what you think!

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