Tyra Banks Attempts to "Procreate" With Jay Manuel on Top Model

America's Next Top Model creative director Jay Manuel is learning the hard way that fashion is pain.

In a sneak preview of the CW show's March 10 premiere, host Tyra Banks straddles Manuel and begs for him to "procreate" with her.

What prompts Banks' plea?

Plus-sized model Alasia, who struts her stuff on the Top Model runway and shares with Banks her idea of Glamazonia, a fictional planet she dreamed up filled with beautiful women. Each year, says Alasia, one man is brought to the planet to sacrifice and procreate with the women.

Banks' idea for the Top Model sacrifice? Her co-judge.

"Lay down [on the runway]," she demands, straddling him. "We need male sperm!" Banks says.

The pair then share a laugh over their compromising position.

"Was that good for you?" Manuel asks.

"That was fantastic!" says Banks.