Unemployed Anthony Weiner Offered Guest Spot on Entourage

Credit: Donna Connor/FilmMagic

Beggars can't be choosers!

Hours after embattled New York congressman Anthony Weiner resigned from his position in the House of Representatives Thursday in the wake of a lewd Twitter pic scandal, a new report says he's already fielded a new, high-profile job offer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Entourage creator Doug Ellin approached Weiner, 46, to play himself on the HBO series for this summer's eighth and final season.

But rather than follow in the footsteps of past guest stars Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera and jump at the chance, Weiner has remained silent about the offer, which went out before he resigned from office.

When THR asked Ellin what response he's gotten from the politician's office, the exec replied simply, "Nothing."

The eighth season of Entourage premieres July 24 on HBO.

By Allison Corneau for Us Weekly. For more Channel Surfing, click here.