Review | Desperate Housewives


AIR DATE:  Sunday 9/27

It's a shame. The dramedy rebounded last year, but season six starts with a whimper. True, the burning question — does Mike (James Denton) wed Susan (Teri Hatcher) or Katherine (Dana Delany)? — is answered quickly, but the flashbacks that detail the preceding events and provide character catch-ups are as stale as week-old muffins. After all, the notion of Bree (Marcia Cross) cheating on her lunatic husband can hardly be considered sinful, and Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker) taming her rebellious niece (Maiara Walsh) is pure ABC Family! The writers really disappoint, though, when it comes to the neighborhood's latest secretive clan (Drea de Matteo plays a predictably tough-mouthed mom) and their lame mystery. Talk about desperate! (ABC, 9 P.M.)