Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Finale: Tom and Jax Brawl After Kristen Confesses She Cheated

Vanderpump got violent in its Season 2 finale! SUR employees Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor got into a full-out brawl on the Monday, Feb. 3 episode of Vanderpump Rules after girlfriend Kristen Doute finally admitted, after months of denials, that she had cheated on him with Taylor.

Before the melee began, Doute tearfully confessed to coworker Stassi Schroeder, "I can't look you in the eye because I f---king lied to your face... Yes, I did have sex with him one time.. and I'm really sorry," Doute admitted. 

"I never thought that this moment would come," Schroeder responded. "What is wrong with you?" she demanded as Sandoval rushed to defend Doute. Taylor, meanwhile, watched the entire confrontation from across the room with a smirk.


The tension kater exploded when Sandoval approached Taylor: "You don't ever, like, feel anything. It's nuts," noted Sandoval. "You ever feel this?!" he sniped, punching Taylor in the face and wrestling him to the ground. As chaos erupted, a smiling Taylor wiped off the blood on his face with a white linen tablecloth."Are you that sick that you're smiling?" one unseen bystander screamed at him.

Sandoval and Doute stormed out while their boss Lisa Vanderpump jumped in to handle the aftermath.

Vanderpump and Taylor joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! after the episode aired Monday to discuss the fight: "After seeing it and watching myself on there, it was really hard to watch. I really feel like a piece of sh--," Taylor admitted. "I was a pretty selfish person."

Vanderpump, meanwhile, chided him for having "no remorse" -- a sentiment shared by Sandoval, who called in to the show. "You and I have some talking to do," Taylor told his former pal.

Cohen then asked Sandoval if he regretted punching his former best friend. "No, I really don't," he responded. "I hit Jax in the forehead, I could've hit him in the nose, I could've hit him in the mouth, I could've stomped on him," he continued. 

The Vanderpump Rules cast will reunite Monday, Feb. 10 on Bravo. Watch the clip above. (Warning: it is graphic.)