James Corden Auditions for ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ With Renee Zellweger

James Corden Auditions for ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ With Renee Zellweger

Watch out, Colin Firth! James Corden auditioned to play Renée Zellweger’s new leading man in Bridget Jones’s Baby during a hilarious sketch on The Late Late Show.

In the clip above, the comedian, 38, is asked to react to Jones’ revelation that she’s pregnant. At first, Corden responds with an LOL-worthy impersonation of Hugh Grant, but Zellweger, 47, is unimpressed.

“What is that?” she asks. “We just want you to be a regular British guy.”

Inexplicably, Zellweger’s note inspires Corden to play a slew of famous British characters. First, the late-night host slips into a chimney sweep costume, reminiscent of Dick Van Dyke’s character in 1964’s Mary Poppins.

“Blimey, Bridget Jones, I don’t believe me ears!” he says before breaking out into some awkward dance moves.

“I am not sure about that,” Zellweger says.

Next, Corden plays the role as Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter, but the actress still isn’t having it. In an effort to wow Zellweger, the funnyman dresses up as Queen Elizabeth II, complete with a glittering crown and an adorable corgi resting in his left arm.

“A baby? We are very, very, very disappointed in one Bridget,” he says as the British monarch. Rather than comment on his performance, Zellweger’s only remark is, “Where’d you get the dog?”

To see how Zellweger responds to Corden’s portrayals of Austin Powers and Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, watch the hysterical video below.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is in theaters now.

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