Watch Sheryl Crow Flirt With Much-Younger Man on Cougar Town

Entertainment Mar. 23, 2010 AT 9:59AM

Sheryl Crow is on the prowl.

On Wednesday's episode of ABC's Cougar Town, the singer, 47, begins a three-episode stint as Sara, a wine publicist who catches the eye of Grayson, the recently-divorced neighbor of Jules (Courteney Cox).

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In a sneak preview of her first episode (watch above), Crow sidles up to a bar to size up Grayson (Josh Hopkins). When brokering a business deal, her character offers to give him an extra case of wine -- at a price.

"I'll throw in an extra case if you take me out for dinner," she says.

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Bar patron Ellie (Christa Miller) warns Crow's character of Grayson's potential pitfalls as a date. "His house is like a clown car for barely legal bimbos," she says.

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But Sara remains undeterred.

"If you ever want to have a meal with a grown-up, give me a call," she says, slipping Grayson her business card. "And I'm as old as two 20-year-olds, so maybe it will feel like a menage a trois!"

See if Grayson and Sara hit it off when the full episode of Cougar Town airs March 24 at 9:30 p.m./ET.

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