Well-deserved win! Following his shocking win on Wheel of Fortune, contestant Emil De Leon appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss his victory -- and win even more prizes -- in an episode airing Monday, March 24.

Leon won $45,000 in a bonus round on Wheel of Fortune after guessing the correct answer of "new baby buggy" on his first try. The nursing student from Daly City, Calif, told host Ellen DeGeneres and fellow guest Jason Bateman that he's been a longtime viewer of the game show.

"As long as I can remember, maybe three or four years old," he shared. "The first letters I learned how to say were R, S, T, L, N, E -- the prominent letters in Wheel of Fortune."

"Why would you think new baby buggy?" DeGeneres asked. "How does that come to your mind?"

"They showed up the N and E, so it's pretty obvious the first word was new. Then worked on new baby . . . it just sounds right," he explained. "The hard part [was] buggy, and I worked with that B again so . . . "

After Leon played a word game with DeGeneres and Bateman -- and crushing the competition once again -- the talk show host rewarded Leon with the perfect prize. "We got you a gift because it's clearly on your mind," DeGeneres said as a baby buggy was wheeled out.

Watch Leon play a word game with DeGeneres and Bateman in the funny video above.