Makeovers, catwalks and photo shoots equal nothing but drama for the cast of America's Next Top Model. As the show's 15th cycle premieres Wednesday, has rounded up a few of our favorite freakouts from years past.

Check out the video below and rank your favorite Top Model freakout!

- Shandi's hot tub hookup, Cycle 2: Overwhelmed by being away from her boyfriend, Shandi had sex with another male model and then called her boyfriend to tell him about it.

- Cassandra's makeover meltdown, Cycle 5: Brunette Cassandra freaks out and bawls after host Tyra Banks declares her makeover will be a la Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. When she didn't want to go as short as the judges requested, Cassandra decided to pack her bags.

- Tiffany vs. Tyra, Cycle 4: Tyra Banks flips out after Tiffany is eliminated. "This is serious to these girls, it should be serious to you," Banks says, breaking down in tears. "We were all rooting for you! Learn something from this."

The new cycle of America's Next Top Model premieres Sept. 8 at 8 p.m./ET on the CW.

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Which Top Model freakout is your favorite?

Shandi's hot tub hookup
Cassandra's makeover meltdown
Tiffany vs. Tyra
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Which Top Model freakout is your favorite?