Who's the Hotter Teen Wolf? Tyler Posey vs. Taylor Lautner

There's a new hottie joining Hollywood's wolf pack.

Tyler Posey, 19, plays newly bitten werewolf Scott in MTV's Teen Wolf, which premiered Sunday after the MTV Movie Awards. And like Breaking Dawn's Taylor Lautner, also 19, both actors frequently appear shirtless onscreen, highlighting their impressive abs and chiseled chests.

"I assumed that I was going to look similar to the original Teen Wolf, since we're doing a remake of a movie," Posey recently said, "but we were going for, and achieved, a smoother, sexier werewolf that you can kiss."

Tell Us: Who's the hotter teen werewolf?

Who's the hotter teen wolf?


Who's the hotter teen wolf?

Tyler Posey
Taylor Lautner
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