Why Angelina Jolie Got Snubbed by the Oscars This Year

When Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday morning, Angelina Jolie's name was noticeably absent, despite scoring both Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nods. What happened? "It was a very strong race for best actress, and A Mighty Heart was a box office bomb," says Thelma Adams, Us Weekly's film critic, adding that a movie's earnings play into who gets nominated. Adams says many voters also could have forgotten about the flick, which opened back in June. It's really about the fall movies that come out at the Toronto Film Festival [in September]," Adams says of who gets recognized. Still, Adams says Jolie's gritty role as Mariane Pearl, widow of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, should've gotten nominated. "I personally do think her performance warranted an Oscar," Adams says. “It was a great performance, and underneath it all, she's a great actress. Jolie shouldn't be too bummed out: She took home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2000 for her role in Girl, Interrupted.