Why Justin Timberlake Missed the Golden Globes

Credit: C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Celebrating their Best Picture win at the Golden Globes on Sunday, the cast and crew of The Social Network was short one very prominent friend: Justin Timberlake.

The singer and actor earned raves and Oscar buzz for his portrayal of Napster founder and early Facebook collaborator Sean Parker in the universally acclaimed film, but was a no-show at the awards fest. (Director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin also won statues for their work on the flick).

So where was JT that night? Shooting his action flick Now with Amanda Seyfried, his rep confirms to UsMagazine.com.

Adds the rep: "He would have loved to have been there if he wasn't working."

Back in September, Timberlake admitted he was nervous to take on the role, and to work with the notoriously intense director Fincher. "That scared the s--t out of me," he told Us. "It would take me all night to sort of go through what [Fincher and I] talked about, about what this character is."