15 Movies to Fall For This Season: ‘Justice League,’ ‘Wonder’ and More!

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Ibid Filmworks13/15

My Friend Dahmer (out November 3)

To get in the headspace of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, Ross Lynch sought isolation. In Ohio before filming, “I was alone, like Dahmer throughout his childhood,” he says. “I felt a wide range of emotion.” The Disney alum opens up to Us.

Us Weekly: How did you master Dahmer’s mannerisms?

RL: I watched a lot of videos to see how he walked, talked. Dahmer was tragically interesting. Behind closed doors, he was probably different. Everyone has levels.

Us: Message for audiences?

RL: The most asked question is, are serial killers born this way or bred? This may raise flags so when people see someone who is hard to grasp, they’ll try to help.

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