Style Crush: Heidi Klum Spills Her Sexiest Secrets and How Lingerie Plays a Role

Lingerie lover! "I'm definitely a lace person" Heidi Klum explains while dishing on her favorite type of lingerie. The 44-year-old supermodel sat down with Stylish at Hotel Bel Air on Thursday, August 17 to chat about when she feels her sexiest, the type of lingerie she wouldn't be caught dead in and the best body tips she's picked up over the years. Read on for more!

Stylish: Which type of lingerie do you wear all the time?

Klum: I love lace. I'm not a cotton person necessarily. I have cotton in my line because a lot of people do love that, but I like to see the lace. I'm definitely a lace person.

Stylish: Would you ever wear a pair of white cotton panties?

Klum: Probably not. I try to get things that I find unattractive to me and my body out of my closet. If it's baggy, yucky sweatpants or things that don't look good, I don't even want it in my closet. I don't even want to get tempted. If I have a super short mini-dress on, I will wear a full bottom incase the wind comes, but otherwise I'm always a g-string kind of girl.

Stylish: Is 'more boobs, less bra' still your go-to motto?

Klum: It is. If you look throughout my line, most of my pieces have a low plunging neckline. I try to cut it down as far as you can. I feel like if you cover your boob with too much fabric it looks bigger. When you cut it smaller I think it looks cuter. I would rather see skin than bra.

Stylish: You've also said that wearing a bra with no underwire to bed at night keeps your boobs in shape. Is that something you still believe?

Klum: I do believe that when you wear a bra to bed it keeps your boobs more in place and that they will look good for a longer time. I started doing that ten years ago maybe and now my 13-year-old daughter is doing it too! She has a little sports bra that she wears to bed.

Stylish: When do you feel your most confident?

Klum: When I'm fit for myself and feel like I can wear anything that I want to wear. I go through phases when I'll be running, running, running all of the time and I feel my best when I run because everything is just tighter. You see a difference when you slack on it. Things change, especially when you get older, things change quicker too than when you're younger.

Stylish: How does lingerie play a role in you feeling sexy?

Klum: I feel my sexiest when I have a little bit of a tan. I like a nice, tan, bronze body. When you have a nice glow, I feel like everything looks good. I like having some lingerie peak out— it makes you feel good! When you have a nice, sexy bra on, I don't care if my blouse is gonna pop out and you see the whole bra. It's like, 'Ooh, why not?'

Stylish: Is there a specific type of lingerie that you like to wear for your boyfriend Vito Schnabel to spice things up?

Klum: Every night is kind of a good date night. It doesn't even have to be a special thing. We always make every day special, but let's just put it this way, he gets a lot of variety. Since I have a lingerie line under my belt, he gets a lot of variety of things to see.

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