Oh my, Matt! On the Wednesday, January 4, episode of the Today show, Matt Lauer surprised his colleagues with his choice of accessories — and we’re not talking bow ties. 

“I don’t know if you all knew this, but chokers for men are a thing too,” Lauer, 59, said during the broadcast, alongside guest cohost Katie Couric (who left the show in 2006). “Asos has a wide selection of male chokers — some in velvet, others in cotton. But they’re late to the game, because guys, I have been wearing a choker for years.”

And because the world needed hard proof, Lauer undid his pale blue collared shirt and striped tie to, indeed, reveal a black velvet choker — much to his cohosts’ amusement. “This is a setup for an Ellen [DeGeneres Show] bit!” Al Roker quipped, while Couric, 59, joked that the necklace wasn’t a huge shock, as he used to wear a dog collar. “Bringing metrosexual to new heights,” she noted. However, Carson Daly’s mind was blown. “I have a whole new view of the hard news you did … knowing that Matt was wearing that underneath everything,” he stated.

The internet has already weighed in on chokers infiltrating men’s fashion, and it seems like the masses are divided. “ASOS have started selling men's chokers 😷 can already tell 2017 is gonna be a shite year,” a tweeter wrote on January 2. But another user posted an opposing tweet shortly before 2016: “can men PLS wear chokers more often cause Great Googly Moogly thats so attractive !!!!!!!!!! mmmnngggggg,” a tweeter wrote on December 21.

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