Venus Williams Reveals the Exact Dress She'll Wear to the U.S. Open

Behind the scenes with Venus Williams at the American Express US Open campaign shoot at Affirmation Arts on July 20, 2017 in New York City. Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

As Venus Williams gears up for the 2017 U.S. Open, when all eyes will be on her tennis game, she can at least rest assured about one thing: Her outfit will be 100. The pro athlete, 37, just revealed exactly what she will wear to her upcoming match and she will definitely be serving up some serious style points. 

Naturally, the EleVen by Venus Williams designer will be wearing her own line of tennis getups. The exact outfit is an eye-catching orange and gray minidress with a geometric pattern. 

Williams' choice is inspired by how she wants to feel when she steps out on the court on the big day. "My look always reflects how I want to express myself," she told Elle. "When I want to feel powerful on the court, I'm wearing strong, colorful pieces from my line, like our flutter skirt or the race day tank. How I see the world and my unbreakable, positive outlook on life — no matter the challenges I face — shapes the collection. It breathes positivity and optimism. It's a message I want to pass to each new every woman who wears EleVen."

When crafting pieces for her line, Williams is not concerned with finding fabrics that hide sweat. In fact, she believes that sweating is a sign of hard work and we should proudly show it off: "I don't think you should ever hide sweat! It shows you have done the work — I wear it like a badge of honor. That being said, dark colors like black and light colors like white hide sweat best. Grey shows it the most. Typically patterns don't show sweat."

The star also spoke about her style when she's not playing her sport and admits she even has a few fashion regrets. "Off the court, I'm addicted to dresses and skirts," she noted. "I live in warm weather — I'm spoiled! I'm not immune to fashion faux pas though; I've had some regrets about what I've worn in the past. That said, I don't dwell on those moments because I'm always focused on what's next."

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