“I come from a family of a lot of hair — my mom always wore her hair very frizzy throughout the ’80s,” Tracee Ellis Ross tells Us of her pop icon mother, Diana Ross. “I think one of the other things that is very important to me is allowing the legacy of my story that comes through my hair, both my ethnicity and my parents, and what I come from, to live in the story of my hair. I really lean into that, whether it’s calling on traditional hairstyles that have existed with hair that is similar to mine or leaning into what my hair naturally does or leaning into protective hairstyles that allow me to feel elegant and beautiful and sexy without having to put heat on my hair. I also really strongly push up against a very limited culture of beauty that says that certain ethnic hairstyles or textures, different coils, and all of these different kinds of textures of hair don’t have space in what is considered beautiful or sexy. I don’t agree with that, and a lot of times those are the choices that I make for how I’m going to wear my hair.” The Black-ish star, 44, shares her most memorable hairstyles with Us.