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Slim Down Secrets … For Your Pet! Watch

Working on that pet fitness! Pet obesity is a major problem, but Animal Planet’s My Big Fat Pet Makeover is here to help. Pet expert and trainer Travis Brorsen, along with Gracie, a Chihuahua mix who lost 30 percent of her body fat on the show, stopped by Us Weekly to give us some tips on how to have […]

Fans Can’t Get Over Taylor Swift's Cat Lyric in 'Gorgeous'

Everyone knows that Taylor Swift adores her cats, but it has taken her 11 years to sing about them. Now that she has, fans are thrilled. Taylor Swift’s Best Surprised Faces The singer, 27, dropped her new hit “Gorgeous” on Friday, October 20, and while it’s most likely about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, there’s also one specific lyric […]