Cobra Starship

Full Name: Cobra Starship

Style starship: As young and catchy as their band’s late-summer anthem, lead singer Gabe Saporta, 29, and 25-year-old keytarist Victoria Asher have a collective look that’s pretty much Good Boy and Girl Gone Bad — what Saporta calls “cool, yet also accessible to kids in Middle America.” Fancy footwork: “I have a huge collection of crazy-ass limited-edition Supras and Nikes,” says Saporta, who has lived in New York since he was four and is a partner at old-school cocktail stop Employees Only and Smith & Mills, the new eatery at Robert De Niro’s downtown hotel. “I’m really into these Top Shop shoes, too. They’re almost ballerina shoes for boys! I’m a sneaker head, but I also have ten pairs of Pradas.” Girls rock: Asher is a fan of the skirts and dresses (“pants and I don’t get along”) at Lower East Side shop Pixie Market. “Really well-priced stuff from young designers,” says the rocker, who loves the D&G dress she wore on Conan O’Brien and whose favorite accessory is a Stacy Lapidus headband gifted to her by pal Katy Perry.