5 Best Supplements To Boost Testosterone Levels In Men

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We do not realize the importance of the testosterone hormone until the body stops producing enough of it. It is responsible for sex drive, muscle mass, bone density, strength, and more. So, it is no surprise why we feel so incompetent when lacking in this hormone.  

When certain factors like aging, stress, or lifestyle cause a decline in testosterone levels in the body, the impact is felt on many levels of your life. Can you turn the clock back and get your old life and vitality again? 

Well, the best testosterone boosters can be the safest and the quickest way to revive your sexual energy, stamina, and strength, or treat any other symptoms arising from low testosterone.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2021

  1. Testo Prime: Overall Strongest T-Booster
  2. Testogen:  Natural T-Booster
  3. Testomax: Supports Growth in Muscle Mass
  4. Prime Male: Best for Men Over 40
  5. TestRX: Best for Libido

#1. Testo Prime – Overall Strongest Testosterone Booster For Men of All Ages

Testo Prime

While most other brands over hype their formulas and claim unlimited benefits, Testo Prime sticks to a proven recipe for boosting testosterone. It adheres to natural and safe ingredients and manufactures the product in FDA-approved, GMP-certified facilities in the U.S. and U.K. alone. 

Middle-aged men who suffer from low testosterone levels may feel rejuvenated with four capsules of this supplement every morning. While most of its ingredients, like Panax Ginseng, Ashwagandha extract, Vitamin D, and Fenugreek extract, promote healthier testosterone levels in the body, it also has ingredients that may contribute to your metabolism. 

It is a soy-free, grain-free, dairy-free, vegan solution to boost your testosterone levels naturally. They also have plans that allow you to pay less if you buy more. If you purchase two to three months of supply, you get a few additional month’s supplies for free. 

It is easy to order more with their lifetime money-back guarantee. Free worldwide shipping is also a reason you can easily order from them and get back to your higher energy levels and improved sex drive. For those who like to train harder at the gym, this will prove immensely useful in working out longer and getting better muscle growth.


  • Panax Ginseng and Fenugreek may boost libido
  • D-Aspartic Acid may empower your efforts in the gym
  • Promotes thermogenesis to burn unwanted fat
  • May be effective in the muscle-building process
  • Free from allergic or artificial ingredients 
  • May support an increase in nitric oxide so you get long-lasting energy levels
  • May reduce stress 


  • Manufactures facilities are GMP-certified and approved by FDA
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • No steroids used
  • All-natural and vegan-free ingredients
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee 


  • Noticeable results will take time

Customer Experience

Users report no side effects and gradual improvement in their energy and stamina. The duration it takes for results to show up differs from person to person. It is only a matter of weeks that the signs of fatigue or depression begin to fade. 

Regular users find they feel more aroused and can carry on with sex longer after using it for some time. The average user finds his sexual energy returns after using it for a few weeks. Most people also find they can work out longer in the gym once they start using TestoPrime daily.

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#2. Testogen – Natural T-Booster

Testo Gen

Another quality product that solves low testosterone issues for men is Testogen. Its 11 herbal ingredients are known for boosting testosterone levels to revive your sex drive and energy. But, it is the balanced proportion of these ingredients which makes the most effective and safe supplement for men. 

This is available in more than 135 countries, and the feedback from the users is pretty impressive. Bodybuilders are able to train harder, and men do not feel tired as usual. Women find their men to be more willing to have sex and also able to go on for longer than before. 

Testogen has proven it is a myth your health can only benefit from those risky artificial supplements in the market. You can even regain your manliness and overall good health by using a testosterone booster supplement. 

Men in their 80s no longer have to feel dejected due to low energy levels. They can live an active life if they consume an all-organic testosterone booster like Testogen at least for a month.

Nettle leaf extract and Korean Red Ginseng extract are some of the unique compounds that make Testogen so effective in restoring your testosterone levels. Ginseng is proven to improve sexual function in a big way. Users also experience mental clarity and enhanced mood and focus after using this product for a while. 


  • Korean Red Ginseng is beneficial in improving sexual function in men
  • Fenugreek is known to boost libido 
  • Nettle leaf extract releases more free testosterone by binding SHBG protein
  • Magnesium prevents testosterone deficiency and also helps keep the heart and brain healthy
  • D-Aspartic acid helps treat stress-related fertility issues in men
  • Vitamin K1 is known to stimulate the natural production of testosterone 


  • Uses thoroughly researched ingredients only
  • 100-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured in GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities 
  • Only uses top-class natural ingredients 
  • May help burn excess body fat


  • It is rare, but some users may experience constipation

Customer Experience

The product is also used by a lot of athletes who claim this has helped them take their performance to the next level. Most people find that even the best diet plan is not helping them feel energetic, and when this supplement enters the picture, the results are quite noticeable. 

Testogen is not a magic pill. But, the effects are nothing short of a miracle. That is only because it uses the best natural and herbal ingredients with scientifically proven benefits of testosterone supplement. Most users are amazed at the changes they begin to see over time when they are taking this supplement. 

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#3. Testo-Max– Supports growth in Muscle Mass

Testo Max

Low testosterone makes it difficult to get in shape and develop muscle mass. The company has directed its research towards a formula that is all-natural and helps turn the clock back on your testosterone levels. It is also recommended for faster muscle recovery and bulking for bodybuilders.

The reason why Testo-Max is safer is it does not replace testosterone but encourages the body to produce greater amounts of it. It is a legal alternative to Sustanon. The lack of artificial steroids is also why Testo-Max can be trusted by those conscious about their overall health and well-being. 

Now, with Testo-Max, you may notice a boost in your sex drive pretty soon after you start using it. It may stimulate the testosterone-producing gland and, thus, increase testosterone levels. Therefore, it may promote sexual wellness. Since it does not contain any artificial testosterone, you do not have to worry about side effects like acne, hair loss, and man boobs. 


  • May boost recovery after a heavy workout 
  • Contains D-Aspartic acid to stimulate cells in testicles that produce testosterone
  • Nettle leaf helps release more testosterone in the bloodstream 
  • May enhance sex drive in males
  • May support growth in muscle mass
  • Vitamins to increase energy levels


  • Free worldwide delivery available
  • Visible results just in two weeks
  • Manufactured in GMP-certified facilities in the U.S.
  • Safe and legal alternative to powerful steroids
  • Healthy, natural ingredients


  • Must buy multiple bottles for a cheaper price
  • No money-back guarantee 

Customer Experience

People trying to bulk up and gain strength report seeing significant results only after a few weeks of taking Testo-Max. The time it takes for the testosterone-boosting supplements to work varies from person to person, but continued use does always seem to be effective for people regardless of age. 

The lost sexual drive will also restore, as people have noticed an improvement in their sexual function after consistent use of the product.

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#4. Prime Male– Best for Men Over 40

Prime Male

This testosterone booster addresses the three main factors behind testosterone deficiency in men: 

  • SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin)
  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Female hormones estrogen and prolactin

The company, Roar Ambition LTD, is a well-known supplement manufacturer that follows a clinically proven formula to counter the above three causes of low testosterone issues. The extensive scientific research behind the production of Prime Male makes it an effective product for naturally boosting testosterone levels. 

The product is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities with the best ingredients blended in just the right proportions. This may support testosterone production and also may help bring the desired changes in your life. 

The 11 ingredients present in these pills are immensely beneficial for your health. In addition to the revival of your sexual energy and stamina, the supplement may also take care of your prostate health, cardiovascular health, blood sugar levels, and so on. It is just one pill that may promote your overall health.

Now you can enjoy foreplay and not feel fatigued during. Energy and vitality are important to leading a happy and fulfilling life. Prime Male helps you achieve that with the most treasured natural ingredients from all over the world. 


  • May help you lose belly fat
  • May keep blood pressure in check
  • May build lean muscles 
  • May enhance cognitive functions
  • May naturally boost your libido
  • May achieve healthier skin
  • Optimal prostate health


  • Excellent for bodybuilding purpose
  • May work against the three major causes of low testosterone
  • May boost cognitive abilities
  • Minimal side effects 
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Free shipping is only available on more than one month of supply
  • Priced slightly higher than competitor products
  • Takes time to show results 

Customer Experience

Those who worked hard in the gym find that with this supplement, they can push their previous limits and are less fatigued after a workout session. Their workout results are more pronounced now after continued use of Prime Male.

Also, people who take Prime Male pills feel a real difference in their energy levels and also their sex drive. Even those who never got the desired results with T-shots feel like now they are finally seeing improvement with regular consumption of Prime Male.

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#5. TestRX– Best for Libido


Now, TestRX is another supplement that uses high-quality natural ingredients to boost testosterone levels in men. It focuses on factors that many other brands have missed. This product also fuels your body with essential minerals for more energy and better muscle growth. It is manufactured in a CGMP-compliant facility in the U.S.

It is rich in nutrients that are scientifically proven to promote testosterone production and athletic performance. TestRX is the perfect blend of plant-based ingredients that help you with more energy, faster recovery, and bigger muscles. 

Though TestRX is among the best testosterone boosters for bodybuilders or athletes, it may also do wonders for you in bed. Losing sex drive due to low testosterone can have a negative impact on your married life. TestRX may boost libido so you once again become the same man who was incredible in bed.


  • May help with faster muscle recovery after a workout
  • May improve sexual libido
  • May help burn excessive fat
  • May contribute to elevated mood and better focus
  • May help you sleep better


  • No harmful side effects
  • Naturally increases testosterone levels
  • Reasonably priced
  • Gel coated capsules are easy to swallow


  • Vegans and vegetarians might avoid it due to traces of gelatin

Customer Experience

Customers start to see phenomenal results within two to three months. But, even within the first month of use they feel more energetic and have more stamina. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders feel like this is really boosting their muscle gaining efforts in the gym. There are literally no side effects experienced by any of its users. 

Users also report finding it easy to sleep at night and an improved focus during the day. Customers in their middle age are able to get back to a normal sex life once they start using it. 

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Factor to Look for When Buying Testosterone Boosters

Is it natural?

Does a testosterone supplement use natural ingredients with no side effects? Are these really effective? What is the proportion in which these are present? A health supplement is only as good as the quality and quantity of its ingredients. 

There are some proven ingredients known to improve testosterone levels. A blend of a variety of these high-quality ingredients makes a supplement truly effective in boosting testosterone. 

Also, it should not have anything you are allergic to because that would prohibit your use of the supplement. 


Many brands offer significant discounts when you buy in bulk. This means that instead of placing multiple orders each month, you can place a single order for a two to three months supply. This way, you might be either offered a discount or a few months’ worth of supply for free.  


Always check to see if the product is deliverable to your location. Finding out after all of the research that they do not ship to your location can be beyond disheartening. Low shipping costs or free shipping can also make the product more affordable for some people. 

Money-back guarantee 

If you do not want to continue with a product for some reason, it always helps if the brand is offering a money-back guarantee to consumers. Some brands even offer lifetime guarantees. But, it should have at least a minimum return period of a few months so you get plenty of time to decide if you like the product.

Manufacturing facility 

Quite many of those health supplements you see today are manufactured in third-world nations in subpar facilities with no government approvals. You should look for manufacturers using facilities, preferably in the U.S. or U.K., and with FDA approval and GMP certification.

What Products to Avoid?

The market is flooded with all kinds of supplements, but some are just trying to make a profit out of deceiving people. You need to keep an eye on products that are selling due to fake reviews, placebo effects, or using dangerous ingredients for quicker results. 

There is always an option to go with healthy supplements that will produce the desired results when consumed regularly. The ingredients these healthy T-boosting supplements use are derived from plants and are tested and experimented with to understand their benefits or side effects, if any.

Another thing to look for is where the product is manufactured and whether the facility is approved by the concerned authority in that nation. These practices will help you avoid any supplement that is useless or unhealthy for you.

Best Time to Take Testosterone Boosters

Most companies recommend taking your supplement pills first thing in the morning and right before you sleep at night. If your testosterone-boosting supplement consists of something that improves the quality of sleep, a nightly dose will work better for you. 

Also, develop a cycle as to when you must take it and when to take a break from it. You do not want your body to become accustomed to or dependent on a supplement. So, it is suggested you take a break after three to four weeks of taking a testosterone supplement. A two week break would generally be long enough so you do not get used to the supplement.

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

A testosterone booster consists of a variety of ingredients. While some of these stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone, other ingredients may prevent factors that curb testosterone production or convert them into estrogen. 

So, testosterone formulations can also help impede testosterone depletion due to other hormones and enzymes like cortisol and aromatase. These supplements also promote factors like quality sleep to prevent the spike in undesirable hormones that negatively affect testosterone production.

Any potent testosterone booster should focus on these three aspects: SHBG or sex hormone-binding globulin, Luteinizing hormone, and preventing conversion to estrogen. So, a supplement encourages the production of more testosterone while preventing the loss of it. At least, all of the good quality ones work like that.

FAQs About Testosterone Boosters

Q1. Who should use a testosterone booster?

A testosterone booster is for those who feel fatigued or lack a sex drive. But, it is also an effective supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, and fighters. It is helpful in building lean muscle mass and also promotes the loss of excess fat. It improves vitality and also boosts stamina.

Those with low testosterone levels can use testosterone boosters to return to their healthier and more energetic self. Such a supplement may also make men look and feel manly again. Since these are made of natural ingredients and have no side effects, anyone with symptoms of low testosterone can start consuming this without needing a prescription. 

Anyone beyond the age of 30 can start using these supplements if he feels less energy, low sex drive, or a gradual drop in stamina. Even people over the age of 70 may feel rejuvenated with the use of a testosterone booster.

Q2. How safe are these supplements?

The organic blend of plant-based or herbal ingredients makes these supplements quite safe. Most of these stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone and, therefore, promote natural function. Also, if you look at the best natural testosterone booster, it is formulated after extensive research and manufactured in FDA-approved facilities.

Unless the list of ingredients for a product consists of something you are allergic to, it is completely safe to use these testosterone boosters. The top brands put great research into the development of these products and, therefore, ensure there are no such products you may be allergic to. 

Q3. Do natural testosterone boosters really work?

As the testosterone production in the body declines with age, a supplement that contains herbal and natural extracts can help stimulate the production system in men. The best natural testosterone booster would effectively revive sexual energy, libido, and also support lean muscle building by aiding muscle recovery.

It takes some time to show results, but a good quality product would get the job done and solve the low testosterone problem in men. Some of today’s supplements even promote overall health and fitness in men. For instance, if you want to get into shape, a testosterone booster may help burn excess fat and may also help control blood sugar levels.

Q4. How does testosterone help bodybuilders?

Testosterone is essential for the optimum functioning of the heart. A supplement will help keep the heart healthy so all of the organs get the right amount of oxygen that is needed for peak performance.

It also causes an increase in lean muscle mass and provides the energy needed for a heavy workout at the gym. Cutting body fat is another way it helps bodybuilders. If you have been working out with little to no visible results, low testosterone could be responsible for that. 

Using a testosterone booster supplement may ensure you have more energy, more strength, and more stamina when you are training. You may feel less fatigued even as you work out more. Anyone who works out in the gym to gain new lean muscles would find these supplements support their efforts in more than one way. 

Besides having more energy to train, these may also help with the production of new muscles, muscle recovery, and of course increased thermogenesis, so you lose that unwanted fat to get in shape. 

Q5.What happens when a man’s testosterone is low?

When the body stops producing enough testosterone due to age, you may start to feel weak and depressed. You will feel fatigued even when properly rested. Other signs of low testosterone may include reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, etc. The development of muscles may become slow and you may start losing hair.

Q6. What is the best testosterone booster for men over 50?

The testosterone levels in men begin to gradually decline after the age of 30 and continue to drop as one grows older. The symptoms become quite hard to ignore when one passes the age of 50. 

TestRX is the most suitable supplement for men over 50, as it also contains many essential minerals in addition to ingredients that promote testosterone production. It is completely natural and has no such ingredient that may cause side effects. 

Prime Male is another top-grade testosterone booster supplement that may replenish a man’s sexual energy and also promote overall health and prevent common health problems arising with age. One of the known benefits is that it promotes prostate health and keeps blood pressure in check. 

Q7. What is the strongest testosterone booster?

Sometimes you need a testosterone booster that is potent enough to boost your performance in bed as well as in the gym. You might already be using a workout supplement, but if it is not getting you visible results, you may need a testosterone-boosting supplement like Testo-Max to aid your muscle-building process.

It is rich in ingredients that promote muscle recovery after a heavy workout and support the development of lean muscle mass. Testo-Max is formulated using the proven research behind naturally boosting testosterone levels in males. 

Q8. What are the most important ingredients in the best natural testosterone booster?

Anyone can claim to have created the best testosterone booster, but for it to be really effective as well as safe, it should have at least a few of these ingredients. 

It is perfect for both promoting sexual health and increasing overall energy. This natural ingredient is proven to be wonderful in stopping the decline in testosterone levels due to its conversion to estrogen. 

It increases the luteinizing hormones, which are responsible for releasing free testosterone. This is an important ingredient that is excellent for increasing libido. It will also improve sperm quality. Most high-quality natural products include this ingredient in their formulation.

It has two benefits for those with the low testosterone problem. It boosts testosterone production and also blocks its conversion to estrogen. It is  among the top standalone ingredients used in a natural testosterone booster.

This has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. It is popular for its libido-boosting properties, which is why you will see it mentioned in the list of ingredients of the best natural testosterone boosters. 

It releases specific hormones that will trigger testosterone production. It is also effective in naturally enhancing immunity and in helping with recovery. There are different varieties of Ginseng based on where it is grown. The common type used in testosterone boosters is called Korean Red Ginseng or Panex Ginseng.

Q9. What is ZMA and which supplement has it?

ZMA is a combination of three ingredients: Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Zinc. The three components work together to boost testosterone levels. It is also known to improve the quality of sleep. TestRX is one of the testosterone-boosting supplements that are formulated using ZMA. 

TestRX is a great supplement for men above 50. If you want to stay strong and fit as you age, this may not only help maintain testosterone levels but also may promote cardiovascular health in men. It is an excellent supplement for those who want to avoid side effects and stay healthy and energetic even after their primes. 

 Q10. How to know if testosterone levels have declined?

The T-levels usually begin to drop after the age of 30. There are a few signs to identify low testosterone levels. You will feel fatigued despite taking proper rest. You will experience lethargy, mood swings, deteriorating bone density and muscle mass, and weight gain.

Another big indicator that you have low T-levels is the loss of sexual drive and difficulty maintaining an erection. If you have suddenly begun to experience erectile dysfunction, it is properly due to low testosterone levels. 

Q11. Can a testosterone booster supplement cure erectile dysfunction?

There can be multiple factors behind erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone is one of them. If low testosterone levels are causing an inability to sustain an erection, a natural testosterone booster will certainly help cure the issue. You can go for any natural T-booster from a reputed brand to get back your sex drive and to sustain an erection.

Q12. How can I test testosterone levels at home?

Yes, you can use a home testing kit to check your testosterone levels. These tests use your blood or saliva to measure hormone levels. Once you take the test with your home kit, you can send the sample to a laboratory for testing. The results and review reports are made available to you digitally. 

You can also visit a nearby diagnostic lab to get your samples tested. If it turns out your testosterone levels are low, you will not need a prescription to start using a natural testosterone booster. 

Q13. How does low testosterone affect mood in men?

It is observed that men with low testosterone may experience mood swings due to high cortisol levels. Cortisol can cause anger, anxiety, hostility, and overall irritability in men. So, it is not uncommon for men to suffer from mood swings when their testosterone levels are low. This can be treated by using a high-quality natural testosterone supplement. 

Once you start taking a supplement, your mood may become more stable and you may not feel depressed or anxious due to the low testosterone levels earlier. So, these pills may be effective in making you feel young, strong, and emotionally stable despite your age.

Q14. How to choose a testosterone booster?

We have listed the best natural testosterone boosters, each of which is very potent in restoring testosterone production in a man’s body. But, which one would be the best for you? Look for how many natural ingredients it has that boost testosterone levels. 

What other health benefits does it have? Most supplements also promote fat loss and help maintain blood sugar levels. Some of these have ingredients that allow you to sleep better too. If you are an athlete or if you are trying to build muscles, the supplement may help with muscle recovery as well as create lean muscle mass. 

But, you must make sure it only uses natural or herbal ingredients. The country or facility it is made in should also be a consideration when buying a testosterone booster. Unless it is an approved facility, there is always a risk it will not have what the product claims. 

Conclusion: Should You Buy a Testosterone Booster?

Low testosterone is a common problem in men as they age. It may affect your personal life as well as your career goals. That feeling of constant fatigue and depression can really make it feel like everything is falling apart. You may have the desire to go on with life, but it may feel like something is holding you back.

Losing the sex drive is another symptom that could be very disturbing for some people. You do not want the romance to end, but you do not feel the urge or the capacity to continue with your sex life. It happens often, and the most common reason is the decline in T-levels. A natural testosterone booster is one of the safest ways to restore sex drive in men. 

The natural ingredients used by these products are totally safe and have many potent properties to help revive your vitality by boosting testosterone production. Athletes and bodybuilders quite widely use this product to promote the growth of lean muscle mass and to burn excess fat. All of the products mentioned above are highly effective and safe. However, we would recommend you to go for Testo Prime since it has all-natural and vegan-free ingredients that may help to revive your sexual energy, stamina, and strength, or treat any other symptoms arising from low testosterone.

So, a testosterone booster may support your overall health besides restoring your vitality and sexual drive. It may bring your earlier life back so you can focus on your goals and live the life your way without age impacting it in any way.


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