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Cameron Diaz’s Sexy Oscar Night Arms: How She Did It

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Cameron Diaz isn't afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to working out.

The results? A svelte, defined upper body. Those arm and back muscles don't come easy; the 39-year-old puts in the hard work, whether it's staying active on vacation or flipping a truck tire up and down a football field!

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Intensive Training

Those incredibly toned arms don't come easy; Diaz takes to tossing tires to keep her definition. "Exercise for me is like eating, sleeping, and breathing. I'm consistent, and when I'm not consistent, it shows up on my body," the Bad Teacher star has said. "I get really skinny, and I know it might sound like, 'Well, good for you.' But the body that people talk about is not me trying to stay slim, it's the one where I work hard to keep weight on me."


Golfing burns 266 calories per hour (for a 130-pound person) and Diaz loves to perfect her game. An avid golfer for eight years, Cameron has said she loves the sport so much that it is "like crack cocaine."

Riding the Waves

Even when she's relaxing on vacation in Mexico, the star knows how to sneak fitness into her day; jet skiing burns around 460 calories per hour for a 145-pound person.

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On vacation, the 5-foot-9 beauty gets active by paddleboarding. Good thing she's been working on those arms — the sport requires a lot of upper body strength, not to mention lower body flexibility and balance. Stand up paddleboarding burns 500 to 700 calories per hour, so it's an ideal vacation sport. "I eat a lot, but I also exercise," she has said about how she maintains her weight.

Hitting the Gym

She's not only about being active outdoors; she still makes sure to get in good old-fashioned gym time with her longtime trainer Teddy Bass in LA. What's the secret to her lean figure? A mixture of Pilates, strength training, and cardio Teddy says, which is "the best combination for women over 30."

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