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Chelsea Handler Shares Another Photo With Her Pants Down, Claims It’s “Butt Art”

Chelsea Handler Shares Another Photo With Her Pants Down
Chelsea Handler shared another photo with her pants down on Thursday, Aug. 27, claiming it was "butt art."

Booty drop. Nude enthusiast Chelsea Handler shared yet another photo with her pants down on Thursday, Aug. 27, claiming it was for artistic reasons.

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Handler, 40, posted a picture of herself via Instagram hanging out on a bed in a semi-Dolphin pose. In the snapshot, her white linen pants are pulled down, exposing her black underwear and the profile of her derriere. "Butt art," wrote the comedienne, grinning playfully in the pic.

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Handler made headlines for a similarly revealing shot on Wednesday. The former late-night host, who typically likes to go topless on social media, posted an Instagram photo of herself bottomless — underwear-free and shielding her lady parts with a tiny green apple.

"Look at my hair," Handler captioned the racy snap. "Something must have happened while I slumbered."

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Handler told that she is unfazed by nudity. "I never worry about that. I just try to not overthink anything," she said this past February. "Now I'm just in a war with Instagram trying to keep my topless photos on it. Because I don't understand why nipples are nudity. Who cares? Men can show their nipples, but if we have breasts we can't show them? And so if you're flat-chested are you allowed to show your nipples? Is that better? And can I show one nipple, but not two? I don't even understand. Once somebody tells me I can't do something I have to figure out how to do it."

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Handler warned fans at the time that her battle against banned breasts on Instagram will continue, and she's remained true to her word.

"Yeah, I've had a bunch already. I've done a series of them and I'll continue to do them," she told "And just find a creative way to cover up my private parts. It's not a vagina. Yes, no one should show their vagina. But nipples? It's ridiculous. You obviously can't publish underage girls' photos, but I'm in charge of what I want to do with my own body. People are following me because they want to see pictures of me. So why is Instagram editing them?"

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