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Dina Lohan: Lindsay, Ali Getting “Restraining Orders” Against Michael

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Lindsay and Ali Lohan are going to court to keep their father, Michael, away from them following his recent attempt to stage an intervention, Dina Lohan tells Us.

"We will be getting restraining orders… It will happen imminently," Dina says. "My children are petrified of him."

Michael brought the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to Lindsay's L.A. home Thursday to check on his 16-year-old daughter. Fumes Dina, "He says, 'I'm worried about Ali!' Then pay child support! He doesn't even talk to Ali, and he hasn't seen Ali."

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Dina defends Lindsay as a good role model for her little sister, and says, "Everything is fine with Ali."

Michael said his 23-year-old daughter had "pale and bloodshot eyes" and that he was "shocked" at the state of her home.

Says Dina, "He's breaking in, saying all this stuff about her apartment. He's an absolute liar! He wasn't even allowed in there."

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Dina calls Michael's actions "disgusting.

"All my kids… he's never been there. He's been in and out of jail for 10 years," says Lohan. "This guy has to be stopped. He's dangerous!"

She says that Lindsay and Ali had temporarily ditched Lindsay's Los Angeles apartment after Michael's intervention because "they're so scared of him."

Michael told the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning radio show that he's meeting with his lawyer Monday morning to ask a sentencing judge to force Lindsay into a rehabilitation center or give him a conservatorship, in which he would control his daughter's finances and many of her decisions.

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(Britney Spears is under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie. Says Michael, "Jamie Spears was dealing with a wife that was on his side, and not enabling. I'm dealing with an ex wife that wants nothing to do with helping Lindsay get better.")

He also repeated claims that Lindsay is on "Adderall… bipolar medication, she's on anti-depressant medication… it's toxic. When I left [rehab facility] Cirque Lodge [in October 2007], I thought she was in a good place, but she left with a bucket of medication. I was disgusted."

Lindsay has denied using drugs, and told Us last Thursday, "He's nuts!"

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