Uncle Bud’s Hemp Has Your New Remedy: Product Details

Jane Fonda Uncle Buds

Uncle Bud’s Hemp is having a moment.  Jane Fonda — the newest ambassador of the brand — is touting the numerous wellness benefits the Uncle Bud’s lineup has to offer.

Uncle Bud’s self-care focused product line is designed to provide full body TLC,  from soothing skin cream to pain-relieving topicals, to of course the newest wellness essential — anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.

Jane Fonda Uncle Bud's

The lineup even includes personal lubricant, a personal care category that Fonda fictionally hawked during her role as Grace Hanson on the popular Netflix series ‘Grace and Frankie’.

If you’re in the need of some TLC, here are the Uncle Bud’s products designed to ease your mind, body and spirit:


Feeling the Burn?

The summer has been a scorcher so far and undoubtedly we’re all suffering from trying to even out those tan lines. Have no fear, Uncle Bud’s Aloe Soothing Gel will cool you down. The unscented formula is a summertime must-have, providing much-needed moisturize, while 120mg of CBD provides some soothing relief to sunburnt skin. Available on UncleBudsHemp.com.

Uncle Bud's Aloe


Best Face Forward

We’re likely spending more time on our phones and laptops as we continue to shelter safely indoors. There has been much said about prolonged blue light exposure, not to mention those pesky skin breakouts due to all of the mask wearing we’re doing these days. Uncle Bud’s Hemp Blue Light Protection Face Mask is the perfect remedy, providing intense hydration while helping to control acne breakouts and inflamed skin. Sweet blueberry scented,  your face will appreciate the healing properties Hemp Seed Oil, while providing a much needed boost of Vitamins A, D, E, Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential Fatty acids.  Available on UncleBudsHemp.com.

Uncle Bud's Hemp

Wash Those Hands

Whether its singing “Happy Birthday” or another favorite tune, remembering to wash our hands has become our new mantra. However make sure all that hand washing isn’t drying you out.  Uncle Bud’s Hemp Anti-Bacterial Hand & Body Lotion will deeply nourish, hydrate, & rejuvenate your skin. Suitable for all skin types, the light Lemongrass & Agave scented will leave your hands smelling fresh like the ocean breeze. As a bonus, the product is scientifically formulated to kill up to 99.9% of many common household terms & bacteria.  Available on UncleBudsHemp.com.

Uncle Bud's Hand Soap

About Face!

Summertime means spending time in the garden, chasing the kids around the yard, taking the dog for long hikes, grilling some hot dogs. All activities that leave our hearts full but our skin feeling downright dirty. Uncle Bud’s Hemp Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser will help remove dirt, oil and makeup, while providing our face with much needed hydration and nutrients. Suitable for everyday use and all skin types. Available on UncleBudsHemp.com.

Uncle Bud's Face Cleanser

Me Time

Summertime loving also means giving our lady parts some well needed TLC. Uncle Bud’s Personal Lubricant contains pure hemp seed oil designed to deeply moisturize, while reducing friction.  Tangerine scented and super slick to provide an elongated pleasure experience.  Available on UncleBudsHemp.com. 

Uncle Bud's Lubricant