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Jessica Simpson’s Trainer Harley Pasternak Shares Fitness Tips

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson's trainer, Harley Pasternak, shares his best tips to get bikini ready with Us Weekly.David Buchan/Getty Images

If the idea of getting into a swimsuit gives you chills, then follow the advice of celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, who has helped Jessica Simpson get into incredible shape before her summer wedding to Eric Johnson. Here, Pasternak, who has also worked with Megan Fox and Halle Berry, shares his top four top for getting into shape for bikini season.

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Kick Off With Cardio
The L.A.-based trainer's first commandment of fitness: Thou shalt walk. He tells clients to take 12,000 steps daily. The constant low-intensity card "means you burn fat all day," he tells Us. For an extra boost, do five minutes of heart-pumping activity—like jumping rope—before and after strength training.

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Focus on Arms
Whether you're toning up for the beach or want to look good at a wedding, the Body Reset Diet author recommends doing upper-body work three times a week. Tone the front and back of arms with bicep curls and tricep extensions. Next, using weights (try 2-pounders at first), add on 20 reps of lateral raises. To do the shoulder-sculpting move, start with hands at hips and lift arms straight out to the side.

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Maintain Perfect Posture
Twice a week, in addition to 60-second planks (aim for four) do and the alternating superman. Lie facedown, arms extended out. Raise right arm and left leg. Hold for three seconds. Do the same on other side. Repeat 20 times. Do four sets.

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Tone Legs Too!
To get bikini ready, Pasternak prescribes working the lower body at least twice a week. Target the backs of legs with hamstring curls, then hit the front of thighs with lunges—both walking and skater. For the latter, cross the right leg behind the left as you lower into a half squat. Step out with the right foot to do the other side. Do four sets of 20.

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