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Ali Fedotowsky: I Gained 10 Pounds in Two Weeks After I Stopped Breast-Feeding

Just eight months after giving birth, Ali Fedotowsky slipped into a bikini for a photo shoot with Us Weekly. “My body is better than before I had Molly!” she raved at the time. Indeed, at 135 pounds — three fewer than her pre-Molly weight — the 5-foot-7 Bachelorette alum had never looked better.

Ali Fedotowsky
Ali Fedotowsky attends the 5th Annual Red Carpet Safety Awareness Event at Sony Pictures Studios on September 24, 2016.

“I feel like the biggest jerk saying this, but losing weight was easy for me,” the mom of 15-month-old Molly told Us Weekly recently at the Red CARpet Safety Awareness Event in L.A. But that all changed shortly after Molly celebrated her first birthday.

“I stopped breast-feeding and gained ten pounds within two weeks,” Fedotowsky, 33, told Us. Mothers can burn about 500 extra calories a day while producing breast milk, which is one of the reasons the Aliluvs blogger believes the weight came piling on after she weaned Molly.

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“I was eating so much, but I was burning it all up breast-feeding,” she explained. “And my hip problem started around the same time. So not only was I not walking or exercising, but I was done breast-feeding. So I just blew up.”

Ali Fedotowsky Molly
Ali Fedotowsky and daughter Molly

Not that the former reality star is panicking, though.

“I’m just trying to start watching what I’m eating a little more,” Fedotowsky told Us. “I wish I could say I’m so healthy and go to the gym all the time, but I don’t. I’m very jiggly. I’m very jiggly under my clothes. At the end of the day, it’s about being healthy and I’m not healthy.”

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If Fedotowsky feels like squeezing in a hike or yoga session, her husband Kevin Manno is more than happy to stay home with Molly.

“I can’t imagine not having a partner like Kevin,” Fedotowsky gushed. “If anything, he does more work than I do. Maybe I need to pick up the slack a little bit. I say this, and I’ll say it a million times over. Kevin is a better dad than I am mom. He’s more patient than I am.” And that’s why it irks Fedotowsky when people ask, “Does Kevin help?”

“I’ll always say, ‘No, he doesn’t help,’” Fedotowsky told Us. “He’s her dad. He coparents. He parents her.”

Us Weekly exclusively revealed that Fedotowsky and the radio host tied the knot in March at a beachside ceremony in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

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