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Candy Spelling’s New Message to Tori: I’ll “Always” Love You

Seems Candy Spelling is ready to make nice with her estranged daughter Tori. "I love you, and I always will," she tells her in a new interview with USA Today.

Candy's remark comes a week after she penned a scathing note to Tori, 36, on her website, slamming her for treating her children, Liam, 2, and Stella, 1, as "reality show props."

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She said she was just angry at the negative way she was portrayed on Tori's Oxygen reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, which Candy, 63, called "scripted."

On the show, Tori laments that her mom was a no-show at Stella's birthday party. "I'm mad that I actually got sucked back into holding out hope once again after 36 years," she cries.

(Candy has maintained that she didn't want her reunion with her daughter to be filmed.)

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Candy said she and Tori don't speak because "my daughter doesn't like the telephone. She doesn't answer. I text her. I have left messages. I've e-mailed her, and she doesn't respond."

So when putting together her recent book Stories From Candyland — which featured stories written by friends and son Randy — she didn't even bother asking Tori for a submission.

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"It just didn't seem comfortable to ask her," Candy said. "I had written her so many times and really never received any kind of response."

In the book, she wrote a letter to her grandchildren because she "wanted them to know some of how their mother grew up, and some of our wonderful memories."

"I don't really know what she tells her children about me, and it was important for me to say something positive to them that someday they may read," she said. "I'm hoping that someday they see a different side than what they may have been told."

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So could Candy and Tori ever reconcile one day? "It could be years of disappointment. Maybe someday she'll get it," Candy tells USA Today. "She's my daughter. I may not approve of everything she does, but I love her."

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