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Farrah Abraham: My Daughter Sophia Is Insecure About Her Lost Teeth, Values How I’ve Done My Look

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham opened up about her daughter Sophia and the impact her plastic surgery has had on the little girl's life.

Following in Mommy’s footsteps! Farrah Abraham leads a busy life. In addition to starring on shows such as Teen Mom OG and Botched, the reality star and porn princess, 24, has her own line of erotic novels, sex toys, lip treatments, and more. Plus, she’s a single mom to her 6-year-old daughter, Sophia

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Living her life in the spotlight, Abraham is aware of the impact it’s had on her daughter’s childhood. 

“My little Sophia, she’s been going through a hard time right now losing all of her teeth, and she’s not really so secure,” Abraham exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I think it’s really a struggle losing your teeth right now when everyone’s looking at looks. So, she lost her first big tooth, and she’s just like, ‘Mommy, I want teeth like yours!’ and I’ve had my teeth cosmetically done, so they’re looking pretty perfect.” 

Farrah Abraham before surgery
Farrah Abraham in 2012 prior to her plastic surgeries.

Abraham recently posted a picture of Sophia posing next to a large stack of $100 bills from the Tooth Fairy after the little girl lost her two front teeth. 

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“You’ll see that my daughter does value how I’ve done my look and invested in myself, and I feel like if [plastic surgery is] not harming her and making her look better, and keeping her healthy into her older years, I have no issues with that,” Abraham said when asked if she’d support Sophia getting plastic surgery. “I’m going to be supportive because it hurts me to see my daughter worrying about her looks, even while she’s losing her teeth right now, so that’s sad.”

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The controversial star, who is often criticized by fans for her parenting tactics, went on to assert that she hopes to build her daughter’s confidence. 

“I think my daughter looks beautiful regardless if she’s losing her baby teeth or if she’s having a bad hair day,” Abraham, who famously waxed Sophia’s “unibrow” when the little girl was 3, said. “I really embrace everything about my daughter. I think she’s so perfect, gorgeous, and [I’m] thankful to God I have her. I encourage her to just look past some of those things.”

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia
Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia.

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Noting that Sophia does pay more attention to her looks when they are filming, Abraham thinks that growing up in front of the cameras has been good for her daughter. 

“When I look at her class and I see everyone, Sophia’s definitely outgoing,” Abraham said. “[She] sings, dances and is very much the most popular girl. She also won fashionista for her class this past year, so I definitely see how she stands out and her strengths.”

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