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Kelly Clarkson Won’t Be Fat Shamed, Tells British Twitter Troll “I’m Awesome”

Kelly Clarkson won't let anyone put her down!
Kelly Clarkson won't let anyone put her down!

You can't put this girl down!

Kelly Clarkson had an amazing comeback for the British TV personality who called her fat in a series of unpleasant tweets — "Say what you will, I'm awesome!"

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Clarkson, who gave birth to her first child River Rose in June last year, appeared on the British TV programme The Graham Norton Show in February, and renowned criticizer (and also the so-called Most Hated Woman in Britain) Katie Hopkins decided she had the right to comment on the singer's appearance.

"Jesus, what happened to Kelly Clarkson? Did she eat all of her backing singers? Happily I have wide-screen. #grahamnorton," she tweeted. But even when an army of followers snapped back with an explanation that the former American Idol winner had only recently given birth, Hopkins continued her abuse.

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"Look chubsters, Kelly Clarkson had a baby a year ago. That is no longer baby weight. That is carrot cake weight. Get over yourselves," the sharp-tongued reality TV star continued.

Happily, Clarkson has the confidence and grace to let the nasty comments flow right over her, and had the best comeback imaginable for Hopkins when asked by Heat magazine how the comments had affected her.

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"She's tweeted something nasty about me? That's because she doesn't know me. I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me. It's a free world. Say what you will," sunny Clarkson retaliated.

"I've just never cared what people think," she continued. "It's more if I'm happy and I'm confident and feeling good, that's always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family — I don't seek out any other acceptance."

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Go, Kelly! Tell Us: What do you think of Clarkson’s ballsy response?

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