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Kristin Cavallari Defends Anti-Vaccine Stance: “We’re Making the Best Decision for Our Kids”

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari defended her anti-vaccine stance on WWHL on March 18, and answered Andy Cohen's questions about The Hills

Agree to disagree? Kristin Cavallari knows a lot of people don't support her choice to not vaccinate her son, Camden — and, presumably, her yet-to-be-born second baby boy — but she says it's a personal decision that parents have to make for themselves. Appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, March 18, the pregnant former Hills star defended her anti-vaccine stance as "the best decision" for her children with husband Jay Cutler. Click here to see more photos of Cavallari.

"We got a lot of questions, Kristin, about your stand on vaccines," host Andy Cohen told her. "Kat George wants to know, 'How can you knowingly support the spread of potentially deadly diseases by not vaccinating your children?'"

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"Here's the thing: At the end of the day, I'm just a mom. I'm trying to make the best decision for my kid," the shoe designer, 27, replied. "There are very scary statistics out there regarding what is in vaccines and what they cause — asthma, allergies, ear infections, all kinds of things. And we feel like we're making the best decision for our kids." 

Cavallari's opinion on vaccines first came to light earlier this month, when she confessed on the Fox Business show The Independents that she hadn't vaccinated Camden. "You know what, I've read too many books about autism," she said. "There is a pediatric group called Homestead or…Home First…They've never vaccinated any of their children, and they've never had one case of autism."

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She later noted on Fox & Friends that the response to her comments had been "harsh," and that she hadn't planned to talk about it originally. "It's not something that I publicly wanted to come out and say," she explained. "I was in an interview and it came up, and it wasn't what I was expecting."

One thing she has learned to expect? Questions about her days as an MTV reality star. "No matter how much time passes, I still can't get enough inside info about The Hills and Laguna Beach," WWHL host Cohen said, leading into a a rapid-fire question-and-answer segment he called "Spill the Hills." Check out some highlights below:

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Cohen: "You were labeled the bitch character on the show. Who was the biggest bitch in real life?"

Cavallari: "No one was that big of a bitch, honestly."

Cohen: "Who changed the most during the course of the show?"

Cavallari, laughing: "Looks-wise, or personality-wise?"

Cohen: "Were you ever remotely attracted to Justin Bobby?"

Cavallari: "No."

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