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Kristin Cavallari Says Her Second Pregnancy Has Brought on Intense Sugar Cravings: “My Skin Broke Out Really Bad”

Kristin Cavallari at Hollywood & Highland Courtyard on Nov. 20, 2013
Kristin Cavallari hosts Dance Giving on Nov. 20, where she talks to Us Weekly about her pregnancy cravings and workout routine.

This isn’t her first time at the rodeo! Fifteen months after giving birth to son Camden, former reality drama queen Kristin Cavallari is preparing to be a mom for a second time. The Hills standout announced her second pregnancy right before Halloween, and as Thanksgiving approaches, she’s already deep into preparations to welcome baby no. 2. 

Cavallari, 26, spoke with Us Weekly at Dancegiving, a Just Dance 2014 event the former reality star hosted in Hollywood, about the differences between this pregnancy and her first. 

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“The first trimester, with Camden and this pregnancy, I’m just really tired so it’s not really until the second trimester that I can start eating healthy again and kind of get my workout routine back in action,” she revealed to Us. “So I’ve been kind of being a little lazy and eating a lot more sugar than I typically do. I’ve just been really tired, but I’d take that any day over having morning sickness.”

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant admitted she’s struggled with intense sugar cravings.  

“My skin broke out really bad, so I had to back off a little bit,” she said laughing. “It was the same with Camden, a lot of carbs, sugar. By the second trimester I kind of snap out of it and can go back to how I typically eat, which is pretty healthy.” 

Kristin and Camden
Kristin Cavallari and Camden Jack Cutler are seen on July 30, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

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To prep her famous body for her second baby and to burn off the calories from those pesky sugar cravings, Cavallari has concocted her own special workout routine.  

“I do Pilates usually twice a week, and then I do the Stairmaster for like 15 minutes, followed  by light weights, but I’ve been taking it a little bit easy,” she revealed. 

The main difference between her first and second pregnancies is the new little guy in her life.

“The only difference is now I’m tired, but I still have to be a mom to Camden and run around and chase him around so that part makes it a little bit more difficult, but, I mean, it’s not that bad,” she said.

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Cavallari says her son can’t quite grasp the concept of being a big brother just yet, but she hopes he will soon. She also counts herself lucky to have hubby Jay Cutler to help with the parenting and pregnancy.

“He is always a great help,” she said of the Chicago Bears quarterback. “He’s been hands-on since day one and he’s been really great with Camden. He gets on the floor and plays with him. He’s a really great dad, it’s really cute to watch.”

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