Mom Nails the Difference Between Pregnancy Expectations Versus Reality in Hilarious Video 

Think pregnancy is all glowing skin and cute little basketball bumps? London-based parenting blogger Tova Leigh says it’s time to adjust your expectations!

In a viral video titled "What to Expect When You’re Expecting v. Reality," the mom of three girls sheds light on everything from giving birth to breast-feeding and bouncing back. Check it out above!

Tova Leigh
Tova Leigh: Expectation

The clip begins with a fresh-faced Leigh gushing about how she can’t wait for “that glow that makes you look so beautiful and so sexy.” Seconds later, viewers see Leigh, who now has smudged eye makeup and disheveled hair, moaning into the camera. “My whole body hurts,” she laments. “So uncomfortable! Why the hell do I have hair on my chest? I can’t stop crying and I don’t even know why I’m crying. I’m not beautiful! I look fat. Where the hell is my glow? Where is my glow?”

Next, the 41-year-old tackles childbirth. “We plan to do it all natural, no meds, no drugs, no painkillers … I’m going to have my child at home in water and my husband will cut the cord with his bare teeth like in nature,” Leigh raves. “It’s going to be so magical and natural!” The reality: “GIVE ME THE DRUGS!!!!” (Watch the hilarious video above to find out why you’ll never work out once the baby is born.)

Tova Leigh
Tova Leigh: Reality

Since sharing her honest depiction on Facebook, Leigh’s musings have been viewed more than 608,000 times. “I think people related because it’s true,” Leigh tells Us Weekly. “We see what pregnancy and birth are ‘supposed’ to look like in books and films, but in reality there is blood, tears and a little bit of poop, but people don’t want to talk about it!”

Courtesy of Tova Leigh

“Nothing goes according to plan when it comes to having kids,” Leigh continues. “I know I’m not the only one who was let down by reality. Sadly, women are not really prepared in many cases about ‘what to expect’ because it’s not presented  to us in a realistic way.”

Courtesy of Tova Leigh

Leigh is on Facebook and YouTube.

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