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These Identical Quadruplet Baby Girls Will Melt Your Heart

Webb Quadruplet Baby Girls
Webb quadruplet baby girls.Noelle Mirabella Photography

Bethani Webb was a bundle of nerves one evening in early June. That’s because the next morning, her 2-month-old identical quadruplet girls would have their very first photo shoot.

“I was nervous that they wouldn’t sleep and they’d be awake the whole time or crying and fussy,” Webb, who lives in Alberta, Canada, tells Us Weekly. “But they did so good.”

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Photographer Cassandra Jones was blown away by the infants. “There were absolutely no tears,” she told Today Parents. “In fact, they didn’t even raise an eyelid. They slept like little angels for the entire shoot.”

The photos from the shoot have since gone viral with more more than 5,000 likes on the Noelle Mirabella Photography Facebook page.

Webb Quadruplet Baby Girls
Noelle Mirabella Photography

The new mom and her husband, Tim Webb, welcomed their naturally conceived quadruplets, Abigail, Mckayla, Grace and Emily, on May 6. They were born via C-section when Bethani was 33 weeks pregnant. The Webbs — who have no history of multiples on either side of their family —  were told by a nurse during pregnancy that the odds of having natural quads are one in 67 million.

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Since the girls are identical, the parents came up with a solution to help them identify their daughters: Each baby has her toenails painted a different color than her sisters.

Webb Quadruplet Baby Girls
Noelle Mirabella Photography

Webb says she can’t remember the last time she cooked dinner. “I feel like it’s endless diapers and endless feedings sometimes,” Bethani tells Us. Not that she’s complaining. “They’re really good babies,” say the Canada native. “They cry only if they are hungry or need a cuddle or a diaper change.”

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And each has her own distinct personality. “Abigail is the feisty one, Emily’s usually pretty quiet, Grace is the one that is most sensitive to pain and Mckayla is a combination of all of them. She can be feisty but is also calm and collected.”

All four girls share a regular-size crib. “They like sleeping together, they don’t like being apart,” says Webb. “If we separate them they’re not happy.”