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This Hilarious Infomercial Parody Mocks the Insane Expectations Put on Working Moms

Hey, working mom — do you feel like you’re constantly letting everyone down? Then this two-minute infomercial parody is for you.

“The Work and Family Scale is the only bathroom scale that measures how much you’re neglecting your kids and your career,” a mom in the video explains.

“Not sure if you should take another month off of unpaid maternity leave? Conflicted about leaving work early to make your daughter’s game? Then just step on the Work and Family scale to be your guide!” enthuses the voice-over. (Watch the hilarious clip above to see how the scale answers both questions.)

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The gadget — which promises to help you to “have it all” — is divided by work and family. On the “family” side, levels include “unfit to be a mom,” “baby calls nanny ‘mama’” and “giving kids abandonment issues.” Options shown on the “work” side include “career plateau,” “asking to get fired” and “no career.”

Honora Talbott, who wrote and directed the sketch, tells Us Weekly the idea came to her last summer after Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president. “I remember getting so angry that reporters and news commentators kept criticizing how she wouldn’t be able to balance work and family in the Oval Office with another grandchild on the way,” says the L.A.-based writer. “Mitt Romney has 23 grandkids and yet that topic was never broached when he was running for office.”

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She continues: “The double standard just hit me in the gut and stuck there. Then later the little lightbulb went off. ‘What if there was a literal scale to help moms balance work and family?’”

Talbott is on Twitter and Instagram.