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Alison Pill: Topless Twitter Photo Accident Was “Dumb,” “Hideously Embarrassing”

Alison Pill on Conan
Alison Pill told Conan O'Brien that accidentally tweeting a topless photo of herself last year was "dumb" and "hideously embarrassing."

It's one year after her topless photo scandal and Alison Pill is still red-faced! The Newsroom actress relived the embarrassing moment in which she accidentally tweeted a photo of her breasts while visiting Conan on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

"I'm still trying to understand what happened," host Conan O'Brien said.

"It's a fascinating story," Pill, 27, explained of the September 2012 incident, "involving not knowing that my new BlackBerry had a touch screen and responding to somebody on Twitter like, 'Oh yeah, New York was great, it's 9:30 on a Wednesday, also, apropos of nothing, here are my boobs!'"

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Why did she have the photo in the first place? "I had one of these pictures on my phone because I had been away from my, at the time, fiance and we had spoken on the phone the night previous . . ." the actress explained, without going into further detail.

"It's a dumb thing to do, I suppose," Pill admitted of snapping the shot. "And now I realize just how dumb and so embarrassing, so hideously embarrassing that for about three months after it happened…anytime I met a new person I [kept thinking], 'Boobs! Nice to meet you, you've seen my boobs.'"

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After Pill tweeted and quickly deleted the topless photo in September 2012, she wrote, "Yep. That picture happened. Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet . . . Apologies."

At the time, Pill was engaged to actor Jay Baruchel, who had a good laugh over the incident. "My fiancee is a hilarious dork," the This Is the End actor, 31, tweeted. "I'm just glad it didn't happen to me first. Smartphones will get ya. CC Alison Pill. Viva Ludditism."

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Sadly, the Canadian stars called off their three-year engagement in March 2013. A source told Us Weekly that the couple's long distance relationship got the best of them. "Working and living in Canada is something that [Baruchel] is very passionate about. He wanted her up there more often, but she really likes Newsroom and the opportunities that are there for her," the insider explained. "They were doing the long distance [thing] a lot."

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