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Apple’s New Peach Emoji Doesn’t Look Like a Butt Anymore and the Internet Is Mourning

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How will people caption their butt selfies now? Apple has released the latest iOs 10.2 software update for iPhones, and it includes a slew of new and redrawn emojis. Some of the changes have upset the Internet — particularly the new peach-butt emoji, which now simply looks like a fruit.

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Apple made the whole emoji keyboard appear a little more realistic, and that combined with the modified angle means the peach emoji will no longer look like a bubble butt. Apple users took to social media to grieve over the emoji and lament that texting, Instagram captions and more will never be the same.

“Apple’s killing the peach emoji. They’re truly soulless,” one tweeter wrote, while another added, “Nothing has rained on my parade this week like learning the peach emoji will be changed to not look like an ass anymore.”

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Some mourned for future generations who will never know what the peach butt looked like. A tweeter pointed out, “The peach emoji is going to be a butt forever anyways, and in twenty years there will be a whole generation that doesn’t know why, it just is.”

Meanwhile, others tried to show that the peach is still bootylicious. “The new peach emoji still is a butt just rounder and from a different angle,” one user reassured distressed tweeters.

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On the bright side, while your iPhone may not have the perfect peach butt, it will now have an avocado, a facepalm, a rock star, a gorilla and more in the updated emoji keyboard.

See more Twitter reactions to the lost emoji below: