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April the Giraffe’s Pregnant Belly Is ‘Bulging’ and Her Baby Is ‘Sticking Out,’ Zookeepers Say

We have some movement! April the giraffe’s pregnant belly is “bulging” and her baby calf is “sticking out,” according to two zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York.

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“Allysa and Joel both reported major movement and bulging of the belly, noting the left side appeared to have a leg, joint, neck or something sticking out!” the zoo wrote in a Facebook post early Sunday, April 9. “April consumed all food offered last night and team noted further filling of the front teats. Some changes in manure size last night also. There are many things we look at and document in this process!”

April Giraffe
April the Giraffe

The park also noted that April and her fellow giraffes will likely get to spend some time in the yard today as the temperatures climb to the mid-60s in New York.

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A day earlier, the zoo said April continued to make progress. “All is well on the giraffe front!” read a Facebook post on Saturday, April 8. “April keeps us waiting. Keeper and vet reports today have no remarkable change. Though this may seem redundant — it’s actually a good thing! Full udders, huge belly, mom ready — we just need the labor process to begin — so we are waiting for that final stage.”

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April’s livestream has been running since February and has since garnered millions of viewers from around the world. Her calf is expected to weigh approximately 150 pounds and stand at 6-feet-tall at birth.