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Ariana Grande Talks Demon Experience, Doesn’t Want to Become Sex Symbol

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Complex Cover

Shudder! Ariana Grande and her impressive vocal range squeaked silent during a terrifying demon experience this summer. The cover girl of Complex magazine's December issue discusses her "ghost/demon experience" — something that became a topic of fixation on social media for Grande and her friends in the week following the scary supernatural encounter.

During a visit to Kansas City in August, Grande decided to embark on multiple haunted excursions with friends. The iCarly star visited a haunted castle and then the following night, Stull Cemetery, "which is known as one of the seven gates to hell on Earth," she explained. (The singer posted an Instagram video from the spooky experience captioned, "Ghost hunting #kansascity.")

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"I felt this sick, overwhelming feeling of negativity over the whole car and we smelled sulfur, which is the sign of a demon… I was like, 'This is scary, let’s leave.' I rolled down the window before we left and said, 'We apologize. We didn’t mean to disrupt your peace.' Then I took a picture and there are three super distinct faces in the picture—they’re faces of textbook demons," explained the chart-topping singer. In a video posted to her Instagram account in September, Grande and her friends described the image and explained why they could not post it. Grande eventually deleted the photo because "weird things started happening to me," she said in the interview.

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These "weird things" included a spooky incident which occurred before the singer went to bed one night following her visit to Kansas City. Grande cites hearing a "really loud rumble" and "whispers," seeing "these really disturbing images with, like, red shapes" when she closed her eyes, and opening her eyes to this "massive black matter" on the left side of her bed. The singer, who was on the phone at the time, admits she did not "feed into it" because whatever she encountered, "feeds on fear." Though some readers may certainly wish she was fabricating the incident, she insists, "I'm not kidding."

As for her meteoric rise to fame, the hit maker of "The Way" says she is trying her best to avoid the path of painting herself as a sex symbol, even as she matures in age and experiences. "I don’t see myself as sexy," said the fresh-faced star. "And I’m not comfortable being sexy and dressing sexy. I don’t see myself ever becoming a sex symbol," she admitted.

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Grande, who recently announced her relationship with The Wanted's Nathan Sykes via Twitter, remarked on another 20-year-old pop star's drastic transformation from child star to sex symbol: "Miley [Cyrus] looks like she is having the time of her life, and I think anybody who's giving her a hard time is wishing deep down they were having as much fun as she is right now."

The star of Sam & Cat, however, believes in the philosophy, "If it's not in your taste, don't look at it." Grande shared, "I don’t feel comfortable flaunting my body that much yet. I don’t need to do that to show I’m grown up. I don’t want people to talk about my choices or how little I’m wearing. I just want the conversation to be about the music and what I’m creating."

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