Artist Imagines ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Girls as Jaded Adults, Draws Hilarious Fake Book Covers 

Ever wonder what the Baby-Sitters Club girls are up to now? You’re not alone. Illustrator Siobhan Gallagher created a collection of updated book covers imagining what the gang from Stoneybrook, Connecticut, would be up to today. But Gallagher’s series is called The Jaded Quitters Club, a title that matches her idea of the ladies’ grown-up personas as cynical twentysomethings.

“The characters in the Baby-Sitters Club were such young, entrepreneurial go-getters,” Gallagher tells Us Weekly. “Even though they were fictional, I admired and aspired to be them as a kid. So I thought it would be funny … to discover they’re just average, bored women who maybe lost their ambitious attitudes.”

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Ann M. Martin’s popular series was published between 1986 and 2000 and sold 176 million copies. In 1995, Rachael Leigh Cook, Larisa Olenik, and Schuyler Fisk starred in the Baby-Sitters Club movie.

According to Gallagher, Stacey McGill, the club’s brainy treasurer, now lives in Brooklyn, as illustrated in Stacey and the Crowd of Indistinguishable Beards and Manbuns. McGill’s sugar-addicted BFF Claudia Kishi resides in Philadelphia, where she over-orders food in Claudia and the Judgmental Delivery Guy.

The Queens, New York–based artist tells Us that as a child, her favorite character was Claudia (“she liked chocolate and art!”), while her least favorite was Mallory Pike. “Mallory was described as such a nerd, though looking back I probably subconsciously disliked her because she sounded the most like me,” admits the 26-year-old. “I too had glasses, braces and low self-esteem.”

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While Gallagher didn’t relate to type-A Kristy Thomas from the original Baby-Sitter’s Club, she sees herself in the Jaded Quitters Club version. “I am 100 percent Kristy and the Canceled Plans,” she says. “The look and feeling of relief when someone bails on plans you never really wanted to make in the first place is the best feeling.”

Meanwhile, don’t expect Gallagher to give Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield the same treatment: “My heart belongs to the babysitters, and in my mind, those Sweet Valley High twins can’t compare.”

Gallagher is on Instagram.

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