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How to Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views: 21 Best Sites (2022 Latest Update)


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21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views


Likes is our go-to resource for Instagram engagement. What sets them apart from most of the companies we will feature here is they solely focus on the platform. They only provide three services: followers, likes, auto likes, and views.

Each of these services has multiple packages available for you to choose from. For instance, if you want to buy Instagram followers, you have nine packages ranging from 100 to 25,000 followers.

If you want to buy Instagram likes, they have 10 packages ranging from 50 to 30,000 likes. Lastly, those who want to buy Instagram views can choose from 14 packages ranging from 500 to 10 million views.

Feel free to explore their site further, but we certainly recommend you buy Instagram followers from

2. Stormlikes

Stormviews primarily focuses on Instagram, too, but unlike, they cover other social media platforms. These include Facebook, Spotify, and TikTok.

They offer four types of Instagram-related services, namely followers, likes, auto likes, and views. Those who want to buy Instagram followers from would be pleased to learn that each of their engagement services is divided into multiple packages.

Apart from that, you can also buy facebook followers and facebook post likes from this website. They offer genuine and quality non drop services which helpful for a long-term basis profile growth.



Here’s another social media marketing agency that solely specializes in Instagram: They have three main services: followers, likes, and views. We particularly favor them to buy Instagram followers and likes given their affordable packages.

It’s effortless to buy Instagram followers from All you need to do is choose your preferred package (they range from 100 to 10,000 followers), provide them with your username and email address, and pay for your order.

You can expect your order to be fulfilled almost instantly after you have settled your payment.

4. Social Viral

There are only a few social media marketing companies out there that can compete with After all, they offer exclusive engagement from their own network.

It is their way of ensuring the quality of your followers, likes, and views. Don’t worry, though. Just like the previous companies we have featured, they also offer various packages at very affordable rates.

This site is extremely cool to buy facebook likes, facebook followers and page and post likes. While facebook page likes and facebook post likes are also contributing factor to facebook growth strategy.

This is one and only site to buy facebook likes from

5. Media Mister

Media Mister has established an excellent reputation in social media marketing with its wide array of engagement services. They cover 20 platforms in all, including more lesser-known sites like VK and Shazam.

They have 11 Instagram-related services, including followers, likes, and views. What we love best about working with them, however, is their 100% money-back guarantee.

6. Nitreo

The main reason to buy Instagram followers, likes, views, and other types of engagement is to give your profile a much-needed boost. However, since we are only featuring reputable companies that only offer real engagement from active accounts managed by real people, there is no 100% guarantee that they will stay permanently.

Thus, Nitro presents an alternative. What they offer are monthly plans that you can subscribe to and grow your Instagram engagement.

7. Growthoid

Similar to Nitreo, Growthoid also offers monthly plans that will let you grow your Instagram followers. What sets this agency apart from others, though, is its personalized service.

Signing up for their services will allow you to work closely with your own account manager. With the information you provide, they will then connect your profile with the most appropriate followers for your channel.

8. Growthsilo

We are not going to be surprised if you have already heard of Growthsilo before. After all, they are one of the most popular Instagram growth service providers out there.

They offer real, targeted followers through a monthly subscription program. The best news is, they also have a free three-day trial to give new users a chance to experience their instant boost without spending a single cent.

9. Socialmonk

Socialmonk is another social media marketing company that offers a subscription plan for Instagram engagement. Like Growthoid, you can expect to be assigned to your own account manager as well.

You can also check best sites to buy facebook likes from reputed sites.

Those with a limited budget can try their weekly plans first before moving on to monthly ones. We highly recommend checking out their reviews. Their customers’ Instagram accounts are linked on the homepage of their website so you can see their work for yourself.

10. Viral Race

ViralRace believes that every business deserves to get the followers, likes, and views they need when they need it. Their clients have the choice of when they get their engagement delivered, whether it’s less than a few minutes after you have settled your payment or gradually along the course of a month or even a few months! You decide.

11. FriendlyLikes

Aptly named, we always enjoy working with FriendlyLikes thanks to their excellent customer service. It is also notable to mention that they already have six years of experience in the field, which is more than some of the companies we have featured in our best site to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views list.

They also have a reputation for having great customer retention, which really says a lot about their company and services.

12. InstaMama

InstaMama has already been featured by Forbes, Moz, and other equally impressive names online. No wonder they are deemed as one of the most trustworthy sites in the industry.

They primarily focus on Instagram, but they offer a Twitter followers service as well. We highly suggest giving their free trial a chance to sample the quality of their services.

13. Blastup

Here’s the deal. Many social media marketing agencies claim to offer “real” followers, likes, and views and source their engagement from existing accounts. The problem is, most of these source accounts are virtually empty, save for a couple of posts.

Some even claim that these accounts were stolen (or copied) from their actual owners. Yikes. Fortunately, there are companies like Blastup that take their task seriously with active accounts that might even engage with you if they really fall in love with your brand.

14. Famoid

On the brink of reaching 300,000 clients, Famoid is steadily growing to be one of the most reliable social media marketing agencies that offer Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube Services.

They offer five Instagram-related engagement, namely followers, likes, auto likes, views, and reels views and likes. Our favorite part of their program is their full-refund guarantee if you ever experience any disruption to your service.

15. Famups

Famups takes pride not just in their engagement services but in their sign-up process as well. Did you know that you can complete your registration within just a few minutes?

All you need to do is choose your package, provide your social media profile URL, make your payment, and sit back to see your followers, likes, and views increase by the minute.

16. Viralyft

Waiting is good, but sometimes it can get really frustrating, especially if you don’t really have a way to discern which of your followers, likes, and views were the ones you have paid for.

Fortunately, Viralyft offers a solution. You will enjoy monitoring your order fulfillment through their real-time tracker.

17. FollowerPackages

FollowerPackages understand how crucial timing is when it comes to social media marketing. That’s why their sign-up process is already on their product page. All you need is to enter your username and click “Buy Now”, and you’re all set.

When you think getting engagement couldn’t get any faster, FollowerPackages have gone and made it even better just like how they deliver the followers, likes, and views they promise.


Our line-up cannot be complete without mentioning the #1 supplier of social media engagement in the world. They cover seven of the biggest platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram.

19. ViewsExpert

There are times when it’s not enough to work with an account manager. Sometimes, what you need are actual experts handling your account. That’s what you’re going to get when you buy your Instagram engagement from ViewsExpert.


Most of the social media marketing companies that offer purchased engagement deliver their services, and that’s it. However, as mentioned, there’s simply no guarantee with followers, likes, and views coming from real people.

SocialPackages offer a solution: a refill. They will continue to monitor your account and make sure that you will get your money’s worth.

21. SocialPros

Finally, allow us to end this best site to buy Instagram followers list with a bang. SocialPros is one of the best social media marketing agencies that offer engagement services for nine social media platforms, Instagram included. They offer the full five-star service.

You can choose different packages and decide on your own delivery time frame. They also offer order tracking, 24/7 support, and a refund policy. Most of all, their prices are not only just reasonable, but they’re also affordable.

And now for additional words from our sponsor.

Buying Instagram Engagement FAQs

So, have you already decided on the best site to buy Instagram followers from? Allow us to answer some of the most frequently asked questions to further help you make a smarter decision.

1. How to Buy Instagram Followers

It is easy to buy Instagram followers. As we have mentioned above, there are different packages and plans for you to choose from. Opt for the one that best fits your needs and preferences and make the payment.

Some companies give tracking numbers to help you monitor their delivery and fulfillment. You can then expect the number of your followers to grow depending on the agreed terms.

2. How to Gain Instagram Followers

Buying engagement is not the only way to boost the number of your followers; however, doing so can certainly help. It is human nature to want to be a part of something bigger.

Thus, showing an impressive number of followers is a great way to encourage more followers to interact with your account. Aside from that, you also need to make an effort in putting out relevant content, preferably something that can improve your target demographic’s quality of life.

3. How to Get More Likes On Instagram

The answers provided above can also increase your Instagram likes. The charm of social media marketing lies in its snowball effect.

When you buy Instagram likes, it also has the power to increase your followers. When you buy Instagram views, it will influence other types of engagement as well. So, it’s common to get more followers on Instagram either way.

Again, don’t forget to increase the quality of your content. Purchasing engagement is easy, but the content is still king.

4. How to Buy Instagram Likes

You can buy Instagram likes the same way you buy followers. You can usually get them from the same social media marketing agencies as well. Choose the best site to buy Instagram likes, choose your preferred package, and pay for your order.

5. How to Buy Instagram Views?

Buying Instagram views is similar to buying followers and likes. The best thing about purchasing Instagram views is that they cannot be taken back once it’s given. It stays credited to your account forever.

6. How to Get Real Instagram Followers

We have made sure that all of the companies we featured above provide real Instagram followers. Still, if you want to further grow your account organically, then you need to stay consistent with the quality and regularity of your posts. It doesn’t hurt to engage with your online audience as well and interact with other profiles.

7. How to Buy Instagram Auto Likes

You can purchase auto likes the same way you get other types of Instagram engagement. Not all social media marketing companies offer auto likes, but we are confident that you will find the best site to buy Instagram auto likes from our directory above.

8. What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers?

It’s a common misconception that buying Instagram engagement is a scam. It’s not. It is a legitimate social media marketing tactic, and just like any tactic, there are pros and cons to buy Instagram followers.

We have already shared with you the benefits that come when you buy Instagram followers, but what about the downsides? There are two.

First, working with a company that doesn’t provide real followers can get your account permanently banned from Instagram. Second, giving your login credentials to others can put your cybersecurity at risk.

Fortunately, working with the best site to buy Instagram followers can help prevent such consequences.

9. What Are the Red Flags of a Scam Site?

So, how do you determine a reputable site from a questionable one? There are some red flags.

First, a reputable site will never ask for your password. Most companies will only ask for two pieces of information: the URL of the account or post that you want to boost and an email address (mostly to send your tracking number to).

Another red flag is a dodgy-looking website. Social media marketing is all about an online image. How can you trust an agency with a poorly designed website riddled with spelling and grammatical errors?

Finally, a lot of reputable social media marketing companies have a website to begin with. They usually won’t cold-message clients with only another social media account to show for.

We’re not saying that such agencies are of ill-repute, but it wouldn’t hurt to be extra safe and work with an established one instead.

10. How to Ensure Instagram Success?

Buying Instagram engagement won’t be enough. Instagram success will require consistent effort. After all, new accounts are being created every day.

Don’t forget to build your other social media channels as well. All of this hard work will build upon each other and ensure successful social media campaigns.

Buying Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views Safely

We hope that we have given you enough information on buying Instagram engagement. The directory that we have shared with you above is made up of only reputable companies that provide real followers from actual people. There are no bots here.

Still, as we have mentioned, it is not enough just to purchase your followers, likes, and views. What we want to impart with you is a sound strategic move, not an overnight scheme. You can always have a look at the best sites to buy Instagram followers for better Instagram growth.

You still need to work hard to ensure the quality of your posts and establish your brand, else risk your credibility. Keep in mind that while it is a valid tactic, it is still an act that many online users don’t openly accept, especially those who are not aware of social media marketing strategies.

In the end, you will still need to prove that your Instagram account is worthy of this kind of attention. Good luck!


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