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Debra Messing: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (‘If I Wasn’t an Actress, I Would Be a Litigator’) (Exclusive)

Debra Messing: 25 Things You Don¹t Know About Me!
Debra Messing Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

Will & Grace’s Debra Messing graces Us with a few of her factoids. Read on to learn 25 things about the actress.

1. I’m scared of the ocean.

2. My happy place is Africa.

3. I took a circus class in graduate school and learned how to do the trapeze.

4. I want to study photography.

5. I grew up in rural Rhode Island and ran next door to watch horses giving birth.

6. If I wasn’t an actress, I would be a litigator.

7. My mother was a teenage recording artist. She was part of an all-girls quartet called the Brooktones and recorded next to Carole King.

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8. I had never seen an eyelash curler until I moved to Los Angeles when I was 25 years old.

9. I don’t know what my natural hair color is! It was always changing.

10. I was a cheerleader in junior high school. I was bad.

11. My brother ran for state representative when he was at Brown University. I knocked on doors across the state.

12. My second happiest place is at a Broadway musical.

13. My dream is to be a guest jewelry editor at a national fashion magazine.

14. My favorite color is red.

Debra Messing: 25 Things You Don¹t Know About Me!
Debra Messing as Grace Adler and David Schwimmer as Noah Broader on ‘Will & Grace.’ hris Haston/NBC

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15. My son Roman, 14 [with ex Daniel Zelman, 51], is named after my theater professor from NYU, who passed away from AIDS. He’s why I got into advocacy and activism to eradicate AIDS.

16. I grew up an avid skier.

17. My favorite flower is a white orchid because I’m allergic to everything else.

18. I love gadgets, but my energy makes them malfunction. My IT expert confirmed that it’s a rare but real thing, and it’s the bane of my existence.

19. My father was VP of a jewelry manufacturing company. One summer, I worked the line doing piecework, just like the I Love Lucy episode when she’s on the assembly line with chocolate. I was fired after a month.

20. I much prefer being sent a big balloon bouquet than a bottle of champagne.

21. After my second year of graduate school, I came home to make money for school. I got a job as a cocktail waitress and fell down a flight of stairs, broke my ankle and spent the rest of the summer on the couch. I watched every minute of the Anita Hill hearings.

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22. I wanted to do the Peace Corps if I didn’t get into graduate school.

23. I have an obsession with notebooks and broad-tipped fountain pens.

24. I took pole-dancing lessons for my role as an aquatic Vegas showgirl in the [2007] film Lucky You. I was in a mermaid outfit in an 18-foot water tank filled with sharks and manta rays. My character lip-synched and “danced” under water. Oh, and I was breastfeeding.

25. I think that people who run dog rescues are living angels on earth.

Will & Grace returns to NBC Thursday January 31 at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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