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Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Expanding Her Family, Cutting Back on Acting, and the Risks of Blogging

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Gwyneth Paltrow

"My brain says, 'Oh, I think I'm done, the kids are big now and I don't want to go back to changing diapers,'" Gwyneth Paltrow says in the upcoming January issue of InStyle UK. "But a part of me would love to have another. Of course, I'm old now!"

The 40-year-old and her husband of nine years, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 35, are already parents to 8-year-old daughter Apple and son Moses, 6, and earlier this year Paltrow told Harper's Bazaar that she and Martin were on the fence about expanding their brood, explaining that daily school run can be "such a f***ing drag. The other day, I was saying to Chris, 'The window's closing. Do we want to have another baby? I don't think we do, but let's just have the discussion,' and he said, 'We can have another baby, but you realize you'll be doing the school run until you're 58.' I said, 'Let's just not! We're good!'"

According to a video interview with Paltrow posted on InStyle UK's website this week, the actress put her movie career aside to raise her children, "kind of quitting acting for three years to have kids and not really thinking about my career in that way and just thinking I want to have kids and I want to be home with them," she explains.

The Oscar winner, who grew up the daughter of actress Blythe Danner and director/producer Bruce Paltrow, says her decision could be seen as a risk. "I think some people, they don't understand the choice that I've made. I guess it can be seen as a risk because I don't have the same movie career that I used to have where I'd star in movies three times a year," she shares. "I haven't even starred in movies since I've had my kids," says Paltrow, who will reprise her role of love interest Pepper Pots in the upcoming "Iron Man 3." It's exactly the kind of part the mom of two now focuses on. "I just look for interesting kind of supporting, biggish, supporting parts and try to do one a year and that's my limit. So I don't know. I think I sort of do things my own way and that's just the way I am."

Another choice she calls a risk: launching her lifestyle blog GOOP. Hmm. A world-famous millionaire movie star puts up a website about expensive clothes, organic food, and fancy hotels and thinks it's a bold move? Allow Ms. Paltrow to explain.

"Starting GOOP was a risk because … I didn't expect when it first came out for it to have so much scrutiny and people questioning so much why I was doing it," she confesses.

I'm sure the country's police officers, firefighters, and members of the military agree. Risky indeed!

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