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How To Buy YouTube Views That Are Real and Active (2022 Latest Update)


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It is not easy to become a YouTuber, yet many people still try anyway. After all, there are a lot of perks to becoming an influencer. Aside from the potential profit, there is a profound fulfilling feeling to having your voice be heard online.

Aside from that, going on YouTube is also a great marketing idea for any growing brand. Video is one of the easiest contents to digest, not to mention the most engaging and entertaining.

The challenge, though, is how to get your target audience’s attention. Fortunately, there is a way. You can always buy engagement to give your channel a much-needed boost. We will list 15 of the most reputable sites so you can choose the best site to buy Youtube views, subscribers, likes, and other types of interaction.

Top 15 Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Subscribers, and Likes

1. Stormviews


Let’s start this list with a bang with our personal favorite, It is very easy, convenient, and affordable to buy Youtube views from All you need to do is choose your preferred number of views, click on “Buy Now”, and pay for your order.

You can expect the new views to come in within minutes of your purchase. The best thing about them is their sole focus on the platform. This grants them further expertise compared to other social media marketing companies out there.


Here’s another company that delivers quality engagement. Unlike Stormviews, primarily focuses on Instagram.

Don’t underestimate the service that you can get from them, though. They take pride in the quality of their views, subscribers, and likes. That’s why they offer a 15-day, risk-free, 100% refund guarantee.

3. MediaMister

The next best site to buy YouTube views and more that we will feature has already established a stellar reputation among influencers and for a good reason. 

They cover various platforms, including other video-sharing sites such as TikTok, Vimeo, and Twitch. We highly recommend checking out their YouTube engagement services. They offer eight in all: views, subscribers, likes, favorites, shares, watch time hours, dislikes, and comments.

4. Managergram

As you may have already guessed, here’s another social media marketing company that primarily focuses on Instagram. They now offer engagement services for other platforms, though.

What we really appreciate about them is their YouTube monthly subscription plan. Each plan includes several real subscribers, views, other types of video engagement, and dedicated client support. This ensures a steady and consistent channel growth instead of just being a one-time boost.

5. BuyYoutubeViews

This social media marketing agency really needs no further introduction. You can already guess what they offer just from their name.

We like how straightforward their process is. If you want to buy non drop Youtube subscribers from them, all you need to do is type in your video URL on your preferred package that’s already on their homepage and click on “Buy Now”.

6. YoutubeMarket

Another convenient social media marketing company that solely focuses on Youtube is YoutubeMarket. They have maintained their name as one of the best engagement providers since 2014, but what really sets them apart is their shopping cart.

This allows you to purchase more than a single package at a time, drastically saving their clients a lot of time and energy. It’s such a simple feature, but you’ll be surprised by how uncommon it is.

7. SocialKing

We simply cannot skip SocialKing, given how many five-star reviews they have. It’s not such a big surprise considering the quality of their YouTube services.

They guarantee 100% retention, which is such an impressive feature given that they provide real engagement coming from real people.

8. Socioblend

Socioblend has been deemed as one of the top digital marketing agencies across the world. Based in India, they cater to over 40 different platforms, including lesser-known social media channels.

The best part is that you can choose the quality of the engagement you get and even where they will come from. This adds another layer of credibility that can be very hard to find anywhere else.

9. BoostStorm

BoostStorm is one of the most popular engagement providers in the world due to its exclusive features. What they deliver are niche-related, desktop views, guaranteed 100% safe on monetized videos. They even have a 30-day refill already included in the plan.

10. BuzzVoice

If you want to give yourself some peace of mind when you’re purchasing social media engagement, then we highly recommend BuzzVoice. With their sleek and modern platform, they cover six of the biggest networks, including TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

The most impressive thing about them, though, is the variety of payment methods which includes Bitcoin. This feature adds another layer of confidentiality and cybersecurity, both highly valued in this unsafe online world.

11. SocialFansGeek

There are not a lot of social media marketing companies that understand the particular needs of digital creatives. Yes, most of them understand the business part, but what about the other things we value, like connections, community, and art?

What sets SocialFansGeek apart from their competition is their specialization in working with artists, musicians, and other similar content creators.

12. Venium

Here’s another social media marketing company that gets a lot of online attention from other reputable companies. Venium has been featured by Inc., Fox Business, Technorati, and more.

You can visit their homepage to take a look at their previous features and partners. More importantly, they provide accessible premium quality engagement. They even have a mobile application for added customer convenience.

13. GetViral

Most clients consider buying YouTube views, subscribers, and likes as a one-time thing. GetViral, though, has an 85% customer retention rate, and you know why?

Their services are so effective that influencers simply keep coming back for more. It is also one of the highest-reviewed social media marketing agencies out there.

14. Viralyft

If there are two things that we deem most important when it comes to doing transactions online, that would be cybersecurity and customer service. That’s what Viralyft can deliver every single time with their SSL encrypted and secure payment gateways combined with their 24/7 customer service.

They offer engagement services for eight different platforms, including YouTube. Feel free to choose among the following services: views, subscribers, likes, comments, dislikes, and shares.

15. YTMonster

Finally, what if we tell you that there’s a way to get YouTube views, subscribers, and likes from real people without even having to pay for it? YTMonster has cracked the code.

What they offer is a community of YouTubers who help each other by trading engagement with one another. All you need to do is create an account, start engaging with other channels (which you can honestly do passively), earn points, and use these points to start your own campaign and give your channel a boost.

And now for additional words from our sponsor.

Buying YouTube Engagement FAQs

We hope you have enjoyed our lineup of the most reputable social media marketing agencies to buy YouTube likes, subscribers, views, and more. You probably have your own favorites already. However, allow us to answer our readers’ most frequently asked questions to help you further make a more informed decision.

1. How to Get Views on YouTube

While it is speedy and convenient tobuy Youtube views, it is definitely not the only way to get your uploads the attention that they deserve. Here are the ways that we have personally tried and tested:

  • Determine Your Niche

Your channel must prove relevant and consistent for your chosen target audience. Make your niche as specific as possible but not too limiting that you won’t be able to publish any more content after your first few videos.

  • Plan Your Videos

Plan each of your uploads carefully. At the very least, you need to have an outline for each video before you start filming.

Is your video going to answer a specific question? Who is it for? What is its objective?

Then go ahead and strategize your intro message, its main content, and a memorable outro.

  • Encourage Your Viewers to Subscribe

This will allow them to see your future uploads and give your videos a headstart on getting views immediately. You don’t even have to say “like and subscribe” out loud. A simple overlay at the beginning and end of each video as a quick reminder would suffice.

  • Don’t Forget to Enable Embedding

It’s such a simple step, but it can be easy to overlook. Allowing your viewers to embed your uploads to their blog or website is a great way to get your video out there一even beyond the boundaries of YouTube.

  • Create a Catchy Thumbnail

Make an intriguing thumbnail that your viewers won’t be able to resist. Just make sure to deliver to your audience’s expectations to protect your channel’s credibility. Nothing scares regular viewers and potential subscribers away faster than clickbait.

2. Who Has the Most Subscribers?

This might come as a surprise, but according to recent statistical reports, the YouTube channel with the most number of subscribers at the time of writing this article is India’s music label and studio. T-Series with a whopping number of 193 million. YouTube Movies follows it with 141 million and Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes at 118 million.

3. How to Get More YouTube Views

If there’s one factor that can significantly impact your views, that would be video quality. Don’t be afraid to invest in better filming and lighting equipment.

We also recommend hiring a freelance writer to help you out with the script. Finally, dress up. Look presentable.

It is easy to forget that you’re actually going on stage when you’re alone with your camera, but each video is actual performance. This mindset will help motivate you to create videos with better quality that will surely grow in views.

4. How to Become Famous on YouTube?

Gaining YouTube fame doesn’t happen overnight, and it will take a lot of effort. Fortunately, there are ways to help hasten the process. Sure, you can buy YouTube likes or buy real YouTube subscribers to encourage more people to be a part of your online community and follow the tips we have shared above, but here are other techniques that you can try as well:

  • Collaborate With Other Channels

It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to another growing channel and help each other grow. Plus points if you can convince a more established one to give you a shout-out as well.

The best thing about YouTube is the fact that while there’s a lot of competition, there’s also more than enough space for everyone to share viewers and gain renown together.

  • Think of a Signature Catchphrase

What do you want to call your community? Think of a relevant and catchy word that your online audience can easily relate to and remember. This will further reinforce that sense of community that is so essential if you ever want your channel to grow.

  • Piggyback on Trends or Stick to Timeless Topics

Those who want to try something new can try to piggyback off current viral topics.

As we have mentioned above, there’s always enough space on YouTube for everyone to share. As long as you are not infringing the copyright of another video, then it’s okay to talk about the same topic.

On the flip side, you can also stick to topics that will never run out of style. For instance, there will always be people interested in ways to earn money or read books that successful people read. Just put a more timely and relevant spin on these classic titles, and you’re all set. 

5. How to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

It is very easy to buy Youtube subscribers. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose a Reputable Company

This is the most critical step. After you have found a social media marketing company that you can trust, the rest will be a piece of cake.

  • Choose Your Preferred Package

Most digital marketing agencies offer set packages that will determine how many subscribers you’ll get and how quickly they get delivered. Just choose the one that will best suit your budget, needs, and preferences.

  • Share Your Video URL

The next step is to share the information that the agency needs to fulfill your order. Most of them will only require your video URL, while others might ask for your email as well. After all, those that offer an order tracking feature will need an email address to send your tracking number.

It is also not a bad idea to subscribe to your chosen agency’s newsletter to keep yourself updated on their future offers and deals.

  • Pay for Your Order

Most agencies where you can buy YouTube subscribers will have multiple payment methods that you can use to send your payment securely. You can also increase youtube subscribers step by a step basis.

  • Wait for the Magic to Happen

The only thing left for you to do is wait for your order to be fulfilled. Please keep in mind that most reputable agencies, especially the ones we have featured above, won’t be able to deliver their promised engagement instantly.

After all, these companies offer real engagement coming from real people一something that will take time to grow gradually.

6. How to Buy YouTube Views

The method to buy YouTube views is exactly the same as buying subscribers. The good news is, your preferred reputable site to get your subscribers from is also the best site to buy YouTube views from.

7. How to Buy YouTube Likes

In relation to the previous question, the steps to buy YouTube likes are the same as buying subscribers and views.

8. What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Engagement?

Buying YouTube engagement is not a scam. It is a legitimate marketing tactic. Thus, it will have its own share of pros and cons.

The main benefit of buying YouTube engagement lies in the psychological phenomena called social proof, wherein people are more encouraged to try something new such as watching a video of an unknown YouTuber if other people have already gone before them.

On the other hand, the biggest risk that comes with this tactic is its potential damage to your online credibility.

While it is a sound strategic move, in the end, a lot of online viewers still don’t widely accept the purchased engagement. This is the reason we constantly stress the importance of putting out quality videos.

In this way, no one will even question the attention you get since your channel obviously deserves it and more.

9. What Are the Red Flags of a YouTube Subscriber Scam?

Keep in mind, though, that while the act of buying engagement itself is not a scam, there are still a lot of dubious individuals and groups out there with malicious intent.

It is not uncommon for those with malicious intent to pose as a reputable company to take your money, deliver subpar engagement services produced by bots, or, worse, phish your financial information. Fortunately, there are ways to determine scammers.

One of the biggest red flags is asking for your password. A legitimate digital marketing company will never ask for your complete login credentials.

Another red flag is an unprofessional-looking website. Marketing companies prioritize their brand and will never publish a website riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.

10. How to Boost Subscriber Retention

Finally, how do you make sure that your engagement (purchased or not) actually sticks around? Honestly, there is no way to guarantee subscriber retention.

However, keeping the tips we have shared with you in mind certainly helps ensure the stability and growth of your channel.

Give Your Channel a Boost

Growing a YouTube channel organically can take a very long time. A lot of the biggest YouTubers we know and love today took years of consistent effort to get their channels to their current fame. Buying YouTube engagement and producing quality video certainly helps in reaching this goal faster, though.


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